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14 settembre | h 6 pm – ≈
La Pelanda – Zona esterna

sound environment

Tropicantesimo is a sound installation in which the body is at the centre of an unpredictable experience and dramatic composition. Like any natural phenomenon you won’t know how long it lasts; you can’t predict it, just like an earthquake, a storm or a tornado. It takes you by surprise when you are already part of it, whether you want to be or not. Through a celebration of sound and dance Tropicantesimo gives life to a musical ritual augmented over time. It brings with it the colours and the warmth of a tropical forest, the flowers and flavours of fruit, the mood of an earth burned by sun and sweat; but above all it embodies the sounds and tribal rhythms of the equatorial belt, imagined and dreamt, recut and refound. Tropicantesimo is a cocktail of sensual gyration and maracas flourished in the air. With its sound experiments, floral installations, dreamlike visions of gardens against nature, it is a naturally created artificial paradise. Tropicantesimo has no home, it is located beyond the known world, somewhere between the mythical El Dorado and a run-down Prohibition era local that sells alcohol under the counter.

Tropicantesimo is a beautiful but malevolent music box, the whole thing torrid yet chilling, all white magic and chicken feathers, malleable in both shape and size. The unpredictable, the accidental, the marvellous, the imminent and the immovable. Tropicantesimo turns in on itself, yet nothing happens, as it was just the sound of noises and nursery rhymes.

In its nomadic, gypsy form Tropicantesimo becomes a Circus, manifest with further improbabilities in the form of its performers and sonic conjurers.

a cura di Tropicantesimo crew