Ubi Broki / Industria Indipendente

Provocare Realtà Essential Missx


12th September | 12:00 am
La Pelanda – Outdoor area
DJ Set



The future is South, drones, machine sounds, electricity flowing, kebab, black magic, beats and sensuality. Reality is already so complex that it can’t even be narrated. Reality is already so disturbing that we can do nothing less than prod at it. Dancing.

Ubi Broki (Strasse), Martina Ruggeri and Erika Z. Galli of Industria Indipendente, among the finest figures that inhabit the contemporary theatrical scene, altering its confines and definitions continually, offer a DJ set that translates the heartbeat of Short Theatre 2018 into sound – diverse, intense, irresistible.

Ubi Broki is Francesca De Isabella. In collaboration with Sara Leghissa, she found Strasse in 2009. From 2007 she starts playing in Milan, crossing community centres, freed-space, clubs, bars, my home, your home. (Electro/SPRdisco/DropUncompressendToYou)


Industria Indipendente
Founded by Erika Z. Galli and Martina Ruggeri, since 2005 Industria Indipendente has been heading an artistic research characterized by experimenting with different forms of expression while also embracing video, performing arts, music, fashion and new drama. Precisely for its dramatic writing, used as a lens to frame and examine the contradictions of reality, the company has earned numerous awards and has established itself as one of the most interesting emerging figures in the panorama of innovative Italian theatre.