from 11th to 15th September | 6.30 – 10.00 pm
La Pelanda  – Atelier
Sound installation

world premier
in the framework of Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe

We live in a violent world and we learn this at an early age. To grow up, enter into the world of adults, means coming to terms with that violence and deciding which side of it you are on.  LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE is an immersive experience, an installation where visual and sonic elements come together out of an infantile and adolescent universe. A game room, recalling some childhood place, where an element of sound insinuates itself, a recording that tells the story of Miki, an adolescent bullied by his peers who, to get away from it all, decides to carry out an extreme gesture. The spectator hears this drama as if it were a fairy tale told to children, still living in a world of games, like a premonition, like an echo aimed at the deepest roots of one’s first encounter with violence. The narrated story comes from Paper Planes by Romanian author Elise Wilk, one of the texts chosen by Fabulamundi- Playwriting Europe for the support and promotion of contemporary dramaturgy in Europe.

LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE is one of the winning projects of the production announcement promoted by PAV, Short Theatre and Teatro i in the context of Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe.

Telling of contrary worlds to comprehend our own, stimulate the surreal so as not to justify the present. This is the challenge of VicoQuartoMazzini, project born in 2010 which adapts theatre in all its most disparate forms. Firstly theatre, but also radio, video and installation, in a continuous study aimed at finding new perspectives on what’s real. VQM is guided by Michele Altamura and Gabriele Paolocà, who are actors, directors, authors, sometimes set designers, sometimes light designers and who have involved numerous artists throughout the years in its artistic research.

idea, design and realisation VicoQuartoMazzini
text in audio taken from Paper Planes by Elise Wilk; translated by Roberto Merlo
performing voices  Michele Altamura, Simonetta Damato, Gabriele Paolocà
sound Alessandro De Rocco
photo Valerio Polici
registered at REH studio – MAT Terlizzi(Ba)