Winter Family

5 €


12th September | 11:00 pm
La Pelanda – Outdoor Area

Winter Family is a musical duo comprised of Ruth Rosenthal and Xavier Klaine. They live between Paris and Tel Aviv, also creating theatre and documentaries. Their music is described as “doom swing”, “funeral pop” and “weird wave”, it is dense, saturated and obsessive. In 2007, they published Winter Family, their first album. Since then, they have played live in clubs, theatres, churches, galleries and museums all over the world and collaborate with numerous choreographers, filmmakers and artists. As a follow-up to their radio piece Jerusalem Syndrom, commissioned by France Culture Radio in 2009, they have created the performance Jerusalem Plomb Durci – An Hallucinatory Trip in an Emotional Dictatorship, winner of the Paris Impatience Festival Prize in 2011. In 2011, the published their second album Red Sugar and received the grant “Villa Medicis-Outdoor” from the French Ministry of Culture. In 2015, they created No World/FPLL, their second theatrical performance, produced by Centquatre Paris (in which they are associated artists), Vidy Lausanne Theater and the Avignon Festival. Their third album South From Here came out in February of 2017.

Their new documentary theatre show H2-Hebron is premiere in October in Vooruit (Ghent, Belgium) and will be on tour in this coming season.