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Network and collaboration


PAV creates and realizes cultural projects in partnership with artists and institutions.
Born in Rome in 2000, PAV specializes in the production, management and administration of cultural events, festivals, shows and conferences and works with public national institutions, theatres, foreign embassies, artists and companies, combining an institutional profile with a support to the independent scene.

The synergy between PAV and AREA06/Short Theatre has left its mark on the history of both, having always shared projects and work itineraries. Thanks to the collaboration between PAV and Short Theatre, the thirteenth edition of the festival offers L’uomo che cammina di DOM-, besides the joint activities connected to Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe, of which PAV is the leader and Short Theatre a partner.

I.N. Italia

The need to find forms of collaboration starting from common sensibilities towards contemporary art and the performing arts in general has brought about the creation, in 2012, of the network Finestate Festival. For the three-year period of 2018/2020, the network chooses to refound itself under the new name of I.N. Italia – Network per lo Sviluppo Internazionale delle Performing Arts IN Italia, opening up to new members and setting new objectives. In the current configuration, which could include more partners in the future, there are 9 Italian entities, including 4 multidisciplinary festivals: Comune di Bassano del Grappa – B.motion/Operaestate Festival Veneto, Festival Internazionale della Creazione Contemporanea di Terni/Indisciplinarte, Short Theatre/AREA 06, Fondazione CRT Teatro dell’Arte; 5 Teatri di produzione: TSV Teatro Stabile del Veneto – Teatro Nazionale, MET Fondazione Teatro Metastasio /Contemporanea Festival, TPE Teatro Piemonte Europa /Festival delle Colline Torinesi, Sardegna Teatro., Fondazione Teatro Grande of Brescia.

Boarding Pass Plus Dance

Boarding Pass Plus Dance is a project for the professionalisation and international mobilisation of dance-artists and producers “under-35”, supported by MIBAC, Italy’s Cultural Ministry. Leading the project is Operaestate/ CSC of Bassano del Grappa, in partnership with the Associazione Culturale AREA06, Fondazione Piemonte dal VivoIndisciplinarte srlSantarcangelo dei Teatri, as well as numerous foreign partners.

Flyng Carpet will land at Short Theatre 2019 on 6 and 7 September at WeGil, ready to gather information and suggestions, to meet and exchange experiences with artists, technicians, administrators and spectators. Stop by and say hello!

Be My Guest

Based on the complicity, the confidence and the freedom of the exchanges, Be My Guest questions itself on adapted ways to answer the needs of the artists, it is attentive to theirtrajectories and is based on a relationship of invested support, with a long course follow-up. Thanks to the support of Pro Helvetia and the French Institute Be My Guest supports 3projects in co-production per year. In addition to this financial support, Be My Guest offers a variety of collaborations: distribution, residencies,workshops.
Be My Guest is also a space for reflection on our professional practices, connected tocurrent social issues.The network meets three times a year in plenary and meets regularly more informally on theoccasion of programming highlights in Europe and beyond.


The analysis of languages and the present forms of life – the writing of future possibilities; an in-depth look at feminism and the numerous crises of our times – environmental, human identity, ideological and immigration; the prismatic perspectives that connect and intersect artistic and creative disciplines are just some of the directions in which the collaboration between Short Theatre and NERO takes shape.

Born during the last edition of the festival, the meeting between Short Theatre and NERO represents the possibility of building alliances between heterogeneous entities, starting with affinity, then creating a common path, though porous, between different realities yet connected, receptive, altering and nourishing the present.

Starting with this newfound proximity, Short Theatre 2019 and NERO have initiated a series of shared actions.

The editorial staff of Nero will take part in the re-signification of WeGil, where the first two days of the festival will occur, intervening in the moments of debate and the various acts of thought that will be carried out within the space; the text Feminismedécolonial by the political analyst and militant feminist Françoise Vergès, present at the festival with a Magistralis Lecture, also in collaboration with the Master of Gender Studies and Policies at Roma Tre University, will be published for Not; finally, on Saturday 14 September, the editorial staff of NERO will curate a program dedicated to Donna Haraway, in honour of the Italian edition of Staying with the Trouble, the latest work by the U.S. philosopher included in the next anthology publication of NOT, and will also include the projection of the documentary Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival by Fabrizio Terranova.


CivicoZero onlus is a social cooperative in Rome’s San Lorenzo neighbourhood, offering support, orientation and protection to foreign minors alone in Italy who are subject to vulnerable and adverse living conditions. The mission of this ONLUS non-profit is to guarantee the protection of and favour the social inclusion of foreign minors through language studies, civic education, artistic workshops and vocational counselling, as well as legal and psychological support.

Short Theatre and CivicoZero have collaborated since 2018, when they involved young men and women in the Gala performance of Jérôme Bel. For this new 2019 Edition of the festival, the collaboration between the two organisations will include the free attendance of performances, participation in workshops, opportunities to meet with professionals connected with the festival and the creation of artistic projects.

Guardo in Alto

At the end of 2018, an intercultural atelier took shape, involving a community of students, unaccompanied foreign minors seeking asylum. The pedagogy of desire, art as a linguistic and professional opportunity, the city as an intercultural manifesto – two distinct itineraries were created along these guidelines. One was based around scenic design, curated by architect Giuseppe Vultaggio, while the other was based on communication/narration and curated by the company Industria Indipendente. The first took the form of an installation comprised of images of the city as seen by the participants, while the second resulted in a “fanzine” of mixed artistic languages, images and words, representing a sort of narrative of participants’ desires and views of the present. Both projects will be presented at Short Theatre.

The project, part of the larger project Art Clicks, organised by the Fondazione MAXXI and Eccom – Idee per la Cultura, with the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, was curated by Area06/Short Theatre, Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, Musei Civici di Jesi, in collaboration with Civico Zero, CAS Gelsomino and Caravaggio High School of Rome.

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Fondazione Roma Tre Teatro Palladium

The Fondazione Roma Tre Teatro Palladium, instituted by the Università Roma Tre in 2016 with the aim of enhancing the activities of the historic theatre in the Garbatella, promotes an idea of theatre founded on the education of the youth, on the relationship between tradition and research, on the involvement of the academic community, of the city and the region.

Thanks to the agreement between Short Theatre and the Fondazione Roma Tre Teatro Palladium, the public of Short Theatre will enjoy discounted tickets for the performances during the 2019/2020 season of  Teatro Palladium

GRIOT bookshop

Libreria GRIOT is the first Italian bookshop entirely dedicated to African cultures and diaspora, to middle-est literature and about it, to anthropology, to post-colonial studies and migration. On 6 and 7 September, it will be present with Short Theatre at WeGil, following the program with a book selection. It wants to contribute to giving new meaning to the building.

Altroquando in collaboration with Giufà


24 bottles

Since 2017, Short Theatre has sought to decrease its impact on the environment. This year, we are working at it with renewed vigour, fine-tuning our means and trying to make some progress. We are engaging in a series of practices – more necessary than virtuous – through which, over time, we will eliminate the use of plastic, reduce waste and increase awareness among the community that is created around Short Theatre every year.


Short Theatre 2019 is moving towards totally eliminating the use of plastic water bottles, offering, in outside areas, the possibility to freely fill up on drinkable water, as well as collaborating with the brand 24Bottles, whose own mission is based around sustainability and design. Thanks to this agreement between 24Bottles and Short Theatre, this year, not only staff but every element of the companies present at the festival, will receive a brand-toting Urban Bottle, while the public will also have an opportunity to purchase their own.

Returnable recyclable cups, biodegradable and compostable flatware, a reduction on the part of bar management of bottles and containers – all geared towards eliminating the use of and dispersion of plastic.