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Displacement of Festival / More Than This

Displacement of Festival / More Than This

Since 2018, alongside five festivals and cultural spaces as well as many artists scattered throughout Europe and beyond, Short Theatre has embarked on a adventurous European project called More Than This that ends this year. Its stated goal is to redefine notions of “displacement” and consequently change our perception of identities and practices, rethinking methods of hospitality, bringing into question our capacity to welcome others and reach out to them.

In 2020 Short Theatre became part of The Displacement Of Festival, one of the most innovative projects from More Than This, and one which asks questions not only about the mobility of artists but that of cultural institutions themselves. Working in pairs, each festival involved in the project hosted or was hosted by, one of its partners. This gave life to 3 small roving hybrid festivals, each the result of months of co-habitation between “guest” and “host” as well as their common experimental approaches to work, sharing know-how and creating new tools and new ways of working together.

For this multi layered, dialogue-defined 15th edition, Short Theatre 2020 welcomes the Portuguese festival Materiais Diversos – with all the variables due to the temporary relocation to Rome – here represented by four artists: Tiago Cadete, Volmir Cordeiro, David Marques and Catarina Miranda.

Alongside them is ‘Moments of Reflection’, a multi-person discussion curated by Simone Frangi born around the practices within The Displacement of Festival and aiming to expand on these themes.

Mercoledì 9

Tiago Cadete
La Pelanda

Giovedì 10

Volmir Cordeiro
La Pelanda

David Marques
Dança sem Vergonha
La Pelanda

Venerdì 11

Catarina Miranda
Dream is the Dreamer
La Pelanda