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European Projects

Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe: Beyond Borders? is a cooperative project, which aim is to sustain and promote contemporary dramaturgy in Europe, helping to consolidate and empower the activities and strategies of artists working in this field. Fabulamundi will work from 2017 to 2020 in 10 European countries, with 15 partners, including theatres, festivals and cultural organisations in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Romania, Austria, Belgium, Poland, England and the Czech Republic, and with another 8 countries collaborating with the project. The project, on a small scale, was financed twice by the European Commission, in 2013 and 2015, and, now, will continue its journey through Europe thanks to the funds of Creative Europe 2014-2020.

SHIFT KEY Since 2010, a group of European international festivals dedicated to the performing arts decided to build a network with the objective of sustaining the mobility of emerging artists. International Theater Festival MESS (Sarajevo), Short Theatre (Roma), ACT Festival (Bilbao), BE FESTIVAL (Birmingham) and ITS Festival (Amsterdam) have, over the last seven years, contributed to the mobility and support of emerging companies. SHIFT KEY is their new project for the next two years, aimed at reinvigorating and reinforcing the partnership between festivals, not only to facilitate the mobility of artists but to offer solid support for their careers. The selected artists are: Sleepwalk Collective (UK); Sra. Polaroiska (Spain); Alma Söderberg (Sweden); Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas (UK ); Teatro Sotterraneo (Italy); Oliver Zahn (Germany); David Espinosa (Spain); The Moving Island (Bosnia Herzegovina); 1er Stratageme (France ); Radouan Mriziga (Belgium);Mokhallad Rasem (Belgium); Strasse (Italy)

MORE THAN THIS is a European cooperative project whose partners include L’Officina  – Festival Dansem and the Festival Parallèle – Productions Parallèle of Marseille, l’Universidad Carlos III de MadridMáterias Diversos of Lisbon, Kanuti Gildi SAAL of Tallin, Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival and Short Theatre, the scope of which is to share with a vast public the geographical complexity from which the partners come, giving form to a shared and vibrant space. MORE THAN THIS redefines the notion of “moving” as a change in our way of perceiving identity and customs, rethinking methods of hospitality, questioning our capacity to welcome others and moving towards them. MORE THAN THIS rewrites geography and the methods of the systems of the theatre arts. New ways of producing, planning, sharing and receiving.

Festivals of the Future is a brand new network focused on nurturing the next generation of festival leaders and developing innovative and sustainable new festival models. Led by Transform, Festivals of the Future brings together a core partnership including Take Me Somewhere (Scotland), Parallèle (France), Short Theatre (Italy) and MIR (Greece). The project will also engage with associates D-Caf (Egypt), My Wild Flag (Sweden), Les Urbaines (Switzerland), and Homo Novus (Latvia) and a wider cohort of emerging and established festival leaders across Europe and beyond. Focused on bold, pioneering and predominantly female led performance festivals, the partners will collaborate across a two-year period to explore and develop new kinds of festival models. Coming together through retreats and collaborative projects, Festivals of the Future will assemble inspiring leaders to interrogate everything from low carbon models, alternative finance, collaborative leadership, co-creation, audience development and more.

INFRA, Inclusive Network for Refugee Artists, is the meeting of 6 structures of the cultural sector and the performing arts sector : Latitudes Contemporaines (France), Vooruit (Belgium), Short Theater (Italy), Music and Drama Theater (Georgia) and partners partners are the National School of Visual Arts La Cambre (Belgium) and MIR Festival (Greece). The objective of INFRA is to work for the social integration of migrants by committing to the professionalization of exiled or refugee artists. The partners of the INFRA network have decided to set up a synergy of actions, of which the main axes are: an individual professional accompaniment of the artists including periods of creation in order to contribute to the development of their careers, a two-year training cycle that includes sharing of knowledge and artistic backgrounds to foster the acquisition of skills and mutual understanding, meetings with the public to encourage participation in cultural and social life and the creation of intercultural spaces, the analysis of professional practices in order to improve the methodologies of accompaniment and the drafting of a methodological guide in order to disseminate them.