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Progetti in residenza

In recent years, Short Theatre has expanded its open spaces, open to the marginalised, ready to gather up intuitions that show up from the outside world.

The RESIDENT PROJECTS are those projects which are designated to function throughout the entire duration of the festival. There are two areas for daily happenings, a specific calendar which interacts and comments on the main calendar of the festival, two oases curated by artists with whom the Festival shares affinity and proximity.

10-14 settembre
Sara Leghissa/Strasse + Carlo Fusani – TONIGHT NOT POETRY WILL SERVE

For five days Sara Leghissa of Strasse and Carlo Fusani will inhabit the spaces of the festival, feeding on the temperature, the events and the people who will pass through it, working behind closed doors on the Tonight not poetry will serve project, which will result in a mimetic action in the public spaces of the city.

TONIGHT NOT POETRY WILL SERVE is a poem written in 2007 by Adrienne Rich and a collection of works by Alfred Jaar, dedicated to her.
TONIGHT NOT POETRY WILL SERVE is is an unconventional conference/lecture, articulated over several days, where the resultant text is displayed publicly through an illegal act.

This event is inspired by the work of the writer REVS who, from 1994 to 1999, kept a diary by writing on the walls of the New York City Subway System, creating over 200 “pages”. We will mark each “page” of this unusual conference with the defining caption of “N. “x” OF MANY”, where “x” represents each successive page number in chronological order.
The content and the text of the lecture will be composed day by day, including a series of interviews conducted in the neighbourhoods surrounding the event. The questions will seek to gather, in an informal and anonymous manner, the personal experiences of the interviewees, regarding which illegal actions we typically carry out on a daily basis and what are our illegal desires.

6-14 September
OHT – Little Fun Palace

A trailer. A little, handheld pavilion. A bar. A fleeting meeting place. A tribute to Fun PalaceCedric Price’s and Joan Littlewood’s legendary project, which in the Sixties wanted to create a university on the street, a laboratory of fun. Little Fun Palace is a parasite -and independent- project presented jointly with OHT’s shows, where meetings, talks, dances, and other forms of spontaneity are held. A project which focuses on the moment that follows the cultural offering; a moment whereby ideas, words and people’s reactions need space to develop. Little Fun Palace faces a contemporary vacuum by exhuming the raison d’etre of public spaces; an open forum born thanks to the natural meeting of (among) people.

In a free, jointed and independent spirit, Little Fun Palace explores every facet of reality in its appropriate fields. A seriously spontaneous inquiry which liberates intelligence from intellectualism.

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