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Tempo libero

From the last edition Short Theatre wants to look at the ways and conditions of how knowledge is transmitted, that shape experiences and ideas, and pays particular attention to educational itineraries and workshops, under the heading Tempo Libero.

Skholḗ in ancient Greece was ‘tempo libero’, dedicated to mental meanderings, or studies, then becoming “the place you go to study”. This is the kind of temperature Short Theatre wants to reach, opening up spaces of liberty – away from producing, accounting, obtaining – which can involve the spectators and that are rich in offerings for imagining new realities. With Tempo Libero, Short Theatre gives the public seminars, practical workshops and open masterclasses held by the artists hosted by the Festival, but it becomes itself an “object of study” for more ample formative itineraries.

5 September | 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Teatro India

nora chipaumire has been developing a living technique, a physical manifesto, a practice and theory called NHAKA – inheritance | legacy – in her Shona language. The work and philosophy owes its genealogy to Shona culture and Shona spiritual practices. Animist technologies, strategies and philosophy can only be useful to those who are willing to reinvigorate their own art making practise with honesty and rigor. Participants are therefore asked to prepare the workshop by defining what might be missing from their own practice, so they can lead the direction of inquiry during the experimental work.

The workshop has limited capacity and reservations are mandatory, it si open to intermediate or advanced and/or mature dancers.
To make a reservation, please send a mail to not later than 2nd September.

8-11 September | h 2 pm – 7 pm + 12 – 13 settembre | h 4 pm – 10:30 pm
La Pelanda

The dreams of Rome are looking for interpreters.

Lancelot Hamelin
is searching for words and images to question the oneiric universe and weave a new dramaturgy of the city.
Since 2012, French writer Lancelot Hamelin has been gathering tales of dreams and nightmares in the great cities of the world – New Orleans, Paris, Nanterre, the shanty towns of Calais, New York, Cairo, Rome – to create an archive of dreams of our era.
Lancelot Hamelin is working on the fifth chapter of The Light House Project, elaborating and reflecting on dreamlike material gathered in 2017 in the Roman neighbourhood of Tor Sapienza. A first step was taken from 14 to 19 July in a workshop where the focus was on the transcription and translation of dreams. From 8 September, Lancelot Hamelin will guide several days of work based on the materials gathered to date, continuing to stitch together words and images, creating a cast of interpreters who will inhabit the performance on the 12th and 13th of September.

The workshop has limited capacity and reservations are mandatory.
To make a reservation, please send a mail to not later than 2nd of September.

Tropicantesimo Crew – TROPICANTESIMO. Workshop nel “suono aperto”
10-11 September | h 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Teatro India

This workshop is an invitation behind the scenes of the sound “machine” of Tropicantesimo.

Tropicantesimo is a sonic and dance experience geared towards the liberation and re-awakening of the conscience and the body. Through the mixing of multiple sounds and rhythms, the musical experiences blend in a Utopia of desires. Tropicantesimo offers the colours and heat of the tropical rainforest, flowers and tastes of fruit, the steam of the sun-drenched earth and sweat; but, above all, it incarnates the tribal sounds and rhythms of the equator, imagined and dreamed, carved out and rediscovered.

The workshop is open to all, all ages and genders, as is the dance space of Tropicantesimo. No specific skills are required. The workshop lasts two days and focuses on the construction of sound, starting with numerous sources of inspiration. It begins with the presentation and construction of the sound machine of Tropicantesimo, along with theoretical and technical reflections on the generation of “open sound”, or the inclusion of whatever source or the gathering of whatever incidental occurrence of sound may arise. The second part of the workshop is the creation of sound through the interaction of all the participants with the machine, culminating in a final recording.

The workshop has limited capacity and reservations are mandatory.
To make a reservation, please send a mail to not later than 2nd of September.

SHAWALA – Tremula
The Music of Bali fra Kecak and Gamelan Gong Kebyar
by Krishna Sutedja

10-12 September | h 10 am – 2 pm
Artisti 7607 – Città dell’Altra Economia


How will modern cosmic space shuttles
remain in contact with ancient Earth stations?
Peter Sloterdijk, Sulle vie dell’illuminazione

A full-immersion into the vibrant essence of the Island of Bali – a new composition for Gamelan Gong Kebyar and the iconic dance-chorus of Kecak will be created for the public of Short Theatre / Shawala by participants of the workshop on body and voice, along with select elements of the gamelan orchestra.

The Kecak (or Monkey Chant) is a chorus whose main characteristics are the onomatopoeic nature of the vocal layering created by performers who emit peculiar syllables which evoke the sounds and movement of the celebrated percussion music of the Indonesian gamelan. The performance-workshop will be conducted by Balinese master Krishna Sutedja, internationally recognised as one of the most important musicians and composers of his generation.
The workshop is open to all. Participation does not require any prior musical knowledge, but a capacity to imitate musical and phonetic-rhythmic phrases under the guidance of the Balinese master himself. Some slight motor activity is required for the execution of the Kecak. As sitting on the ground is required, comfortable clothing is recommended, however, no particular need for strength is required, thus making the workshop suitable for all ages, genders, physical and musical abilities.

The workshop has limited capacity and reservations are mandatory.
To make a reservation, please send a mail to not later than 2nd of September.

Participants could be involved in the live performance of Krishna Sutedja, 12 September, during Shawala – Tempora Ignota/ ALEA event.
For info see here.

in collaboration with Nico Mangifesta (Ph.D. – Pavia University)
sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
with the support of Artisti 7607

SHAWALA – Tremula
Steve Pepe in collaboration with Lucia Guarino
10-12 September | h 10 am -1 pm
Teatro India

Music is, firstly, an act, then comes the sound.

The idea is to create a small group of physical exploration along with the artist Manuel Cascone, starting with his project Danza Moderna, the first LP of soloist, StevePepe, released by Hivern Disc in 2018.

The idea is to open up a rehearsal space where a body of action can be created to interact with the music being created.

The idea, then, is to organise a workshop of possibilities, within which an attempt can be made to move together, step by step, gesture by gesture, to the creation of a sonic body.

You are invited to take part in Danza Moderna: a series of performative sonic actions.

«Modern dance is born and proliferates through space, creating a significant landscape, where the relationship between bodies becomes a space for looking at the outside world and having greater sensitivity in observing others. Starting with the sounds and movements of Steve Pepe, this action is based on the joy of sharing an experiential practice to amplify the perception of the space that unites us, favouring the instinctive collaboration between people and giving life to a reflection on the necessity to move through the gaps between one body and another. The idea is to listen to the relations and the freedom of action and create a choreography within which there is freedom to move.» – Lucia Guarino

The workshop has limited capacity and reservations are mandatory.
To make a reservation, please send a mail to not later than 2nd of September.

We invite you at Danza Moderna: a series of sonorous performative encounters which could be partof the Shawala – Tempora Ignota/ ALEA event, on 12 September.
For info see here.

VALERIA VITO – Alla scoperta delle micromacchine musicali- DDiscoverin musical micro-machines
theoretical approach and practice of Lo-Fi

12 September | 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Teatro India

curated by SONICHE

Circuit bending is a form of hardware hack which is geared towards experimenting with new sonic solutions through various modifications of economical or recycled electronic hardware – a sort of technological recycling based on the unorthodox creative use of the short circuit.

This technique can be applied to various apparatus powered by low tension (max. 12v). The workshop will be divided in three parts:

  1. Theoretical introduction: the basic principals of circuit bending, history of Lo-Fi culture, touching upon the parallel world of micro-music and the chip-tune.
  2. Practical approach to circuit bending, from the study of bent points to the aesthetic refinishing of the modification.
  3. Construction of a generator or modulator of quad waves that will be provided in a building kit.

The course is open to all, adults, children (accompanied by an adult), neophytes and first-rate technicians. A method will be shared that anybody, based on their individual competences, can interpret and develop in total autonomy and freedom. Circuit Bending is useful to those that have no experience in the fields of electronics, because it helps build confidence in a subject that may be rather intimidating initially, as well as for those who are particularly skilled in self-builds – in this latter case, the workshop will provide a rather liberating experience, such as when a hyper-realist painter takes part in a session of Action Panting.

The participants will work on electronic circuitry generally used for other scopes. Therefore, they may bring obsolete or neglected electronic devices (such as old toys, radios, cassette players, consoles), necessarily battery-powered, or they may decide to acquire a kit that has been specifically assembled for the occasion.


The workshop has limited capacity and reservations are mandatory, it si open to intermediate or advanced and/or mature dancers.
To make a reservation, please send a mail to not later than 2nd September.

7 September | 7 pm
WeGil – Largo Ascianghi 5

During Short Theatre 2019, Carlo Infante of Urban Experience, change-maker and an expert of Performing Media, will conduct a participatory walk-about/exploration which will cross events to cross through the potential in action.

The walk-abouts are radio-nomad conversations that allow for connective intelligence to be discovered, spread across a context in which theatre makes a workshop out of urbanity to add dynamic to the engagement of the audience, drawing out the quality of the impact between scenic action and the art of the spectator. The participation in the walk-abouts is open to all and is free of charge. In order to participate, the meeting is at 7 pm on 7 September at the entrance to WeGil. Making reservations by email to is suggested.


The workshop has limited capacity and reservations are mandatory, it si open to intermediate or advanced and/or mature dancers.
To make a reservation, please send a mail to not later than 2nd September.

Da.Re – Dance Research
dal 6 al 14 settembre
Teatro India

Da.Re. – Dance Research è un programma triennale di perfezionamento formativo e ricerca di respiro nazionale e internazionale, indirizzato a danzatori e performer dai 18 anni in su, con la direzione artistica di Adriana Borriello.

Short Theatre, partner del progetto, ha deciso di condividere con Da.Re. spazi e appuntamenti: gli allievi di Da.Re. avranno la possibilità di intraprendere un percorso di visione al fine di ampliare le proprie conoscenze e di confrontarsi con il lavoro di artisti di rilievo internazionale; il pubblico di Short Theatre potrà accedere al programma di Da.Re. presso il Teatro India e in particolare agli incontri mattutini di Tai-Chi. I programmi di Short Theater e di Da.Re. si incontrano dunque nei luoghi del Festival così da permettere la condivisione delle attività con il pubblico e, allo stesso tempo, offrire l’opportunità agli allievi di Da.Re. di immergersi completamente nell’atmosfera del Festival ed esserne parte.

Modulo Arti – Master in studi di genere dell’Università di Roma3
dal 6 al 14 settembre

Nato nel 2001 all’Università Roma Tre, il Master Studi e Politiche di Genere è un progetto formativo basato sull’approfondimento degli studi di genere e del pensiero femminista, con un focus verso le tendenze e i dibattiti più recenti. Per l’edizione 2019, il Modulo Arti del Master si svolgerà nuovamente in collaborazione con Short Theatre: le lezioni frontali si alterneranno a momenti seminariali e laboratori pratici, sperimentando differenti metodologie di lavoro e di ricerca, a contatto con le pratiche creative e il contesto vivo del festival.

L’obiettivo del percorso è fornire strumenti teorici per leggere i linguaggi artistici del contemporaneo, attraverso l’assunzione femminista di un pensiero delle pratiche. Aprire una prospettiva di studio sull’arte all’incrocio con la politica femminista consente di acquisire nuove metodologie per la ricerca teorica e di cartografare gli immaginari – anche radicali – che nascono intorno alle pratiche artistiche.

Il Modulo si snoda come itinerario attraverso i saperi pratici, i processi creativi, le poetiche e le differenti posture transdisciplinari, utilizzando alcune chiavi di accesso: dalla sperimentazione alla pluralità dei linguaggi, dall’assemblaggio all’installazione e l’intertestualità tra corpo, immagine e parola, dalla cultura mainstream e alle culture minori e subalterne, le culture queer. Ogni lezione prevede l’incontro con artiste/i, scrittrici, curatrici e professioniste/i del settore, nel riferimento agli spazi in cui l’arte nasce e si ri-produce.

Tutte le info qui: Modulo arti | Call di iscrizione 2019