THANK YOU! Short Theatre 2023 – Radical Sympathy

A few days have passed since the end of SHORT THEATRE 2023—RADICAL SYMPATHY and its life remains on the surface of things. The body is still in turmoil, emotions in the eyes, traces of tight embraces. As tiredness evaporates from the tips of our fingers, a warm trail of memories and moods replaces the frenzy.
It was an edition we loved creating, one that attempted to embed itself in the city, suggesting unexpected openings, and digging holes in the urban fabric. We wove a dense time that is the result of the work of the best team ever, of the most efficient and sensitive technical crew, of complicit and radical artists, theoreticians, activists, of a web of special connections that gifted us unprecedented openings and encounters, of the audience that transformed it into a collective event!


See you next year!

Claudia Pajewski


“Kill Tu Ego” by Baby Volcano