WEGIL + La Pelanda – Mattatoio di Roma

from the 5th to the 12th September

This year Short Theatre launches Anticipation of the Night, a space for discussion each afternoon that fosters relationships woven around the immediate experiences between listening bodies. It is conceived as an experimental dynamic field between theories, artistic narratives, soundscapes and practises, all allied to the idea of art as a public space.

 Anticipation of the Night distils moments of conviviality before the lights go out and the shows begin, promoting the connections between worlds and language, feeding tangential thinking and aesthetic intrusions that are capable of building an environment. It is about moments of collective education and an exchange of knowledge rooted in experience. For Short Theatre 2021, this mesh of probing voices and sound will punctuate the speeches at dusk to instil the poetics of listening.



Sunday 5th September | 6:00 pm | WEGIL

In fiamme (dagli anni sessanta), cosa brucia ancora

with Ilenia Caleo, Annalisa Sacchi, Giada Cipollone


Tuesday 7th September | 6:00 pm| La Pelanda

Più brillante del sole

book presentation Kodwo Eshun curated by Valerio Mattioli (NERO)


Wednesday 8th September | 6:00 pm| La Pelanda

Drammaturgie sonore

with Valentina Valentini, musical incursions by Daniele Verni, Carla Tatò


Thursday 9th September | 6:00 pm| La Pelanda

WILL YOU MARRY ME?, Artist’s Book presentazione-azione del libro

with Sara Leghissa, Serena Olcuire, Valerio Mannucci and the participants to the workshop STELLE POLARI


Saturday 11th September | 6:00 pm | La Pelanda

Assemblaggi catastrofici

David Higgins dialoguing with Maria Alterno and Richard Pareschi (Madalena Reversa) and the activists of Friday for Future Roma


Saturday 11th September | 6:30 pm | Teatro India

err. scritture dell’imprevisto

err meets Daniela Nicolò and Enrico Casagrande from Motus