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Coloriage ~ Kinkaleri ~ Civico Zero ~ Amanda Piña ~ Asinitas ~ Alessandro Carboni ~ Carrozzerie n.o.t. ~ Lucha y Siesta ~ Nadia Beugrè ~ Matemù ~ Sara Leghissa ~ Teatro del Lido di Ostia


In July, La Pelanda will host the inception of RECIPROCITY, a Short Theatre initiative that will continue to develop over the next three years, and during which the festival will experiment with new models of physical mutuality and intersectionality that span the relationships, origins and different subjectivities found throughout the city. RECIPROCITY sees a shift of focus by Short Theatre to connecting with the associations working in the fields of inclusion and hospitality: and in doing so observing processes of selection and marginalisation, while simultaneously aiming at creating temporary communities based around dimensional playfulness, physical exchange, artistic imagination, and ultimately, stimulating a different perspective on all Rome’s varied spaces as well as the people who move through them.

For RECIPROCITY’s first phase Short Theatre invited inhabitants of Rome from many different backgrounds to work alongside three artists active on the international scene: the visual artist, choreographer and performer Alessandro Carboni, the choreographer and cultural activist Amanda Piña as well as the Kinkaleri company whose works revolve around experimental theatre and performance. This collaboration between the festival and the city has at its heart a desire for the sharing of creative practices. The individuals given the chance to work with the artists are chosen from local associations that deal with social and cultural activities. All are essential for not only allowing the reciprocal transmission of knowledge, but for reconstructing forms of urban aggregation and conviviality.

RECIPROCITY‘s second phase begins in September and will interconnect directly with the festival itself; the above processes will not just be continued but they will take a final form to be shared with the public. In addition to Amanda Piña, Kinkaleri and Alessandro Carboni, this month sees a couple of other artists – Sara Leghissa and Nadia Beugré – join RECIPROCITY for two further workshops and performance projects, all part of Short Theatre’s 2021 programming.

RECIPROCITY inaugurates the encounter between the festival and various city realities.: Asinitas, Carrozzerie n.o.t, CivicoZero, Coloriage, Lucha y Siesta, MaTeMù, SìR – Sharing in Roma, Teatro del Lido di Ostia.



July 2021

12-13.7 Carrozzerie n.o.t & Short Theatre & Kinkaleri ~ URLO_Roma

12-13-14.7 Coloriage & Amanda Piña ~ Escuela de Frontera

27-28-29.7 Carrozzerie n.o.t & Civico Zero & Matemù & Alessandro Carboni ~ Captures



30.8 – 13.9 Kinkaleri ~ URLO_Roma

5 – 9 + 10 – 11.9 Asinitas & Coloriage & Lucha y Siesta & Amanda Piña ~ Escuela de Frontera / Frontera Procesión

7 – 8 – 9 + 10.9 Teatro del Lido di Ostia & Sara Leghissa ~ Stelle Polari / WILL YOU MARRY ME?, Artist’s Book

9 – 10.9 Carrozzerie n.o.t & Civico Zero & Matemù & Alessandro Carboni ~ Captures

9 – 11.9 Carrozzerie n.o.t & Civico Zero & Matemù & Nadia Beugrè ~ Quartiers Libres in-situ performance