27 – 28 – 29 July

Alessandro Carboni is a visual artist active in the field of performing arts as both choreographer and performer. His work revolves around the network of correlations and permutations that occur between space and its constituent elements (people, places, relationships, meanings). His work, often involving the public, can be found in museums, galleries, festivals and unconventional spaces internationally.

For Short Theatre 2021 he has come up with a workshop entitled Captures, which in the wider context of RECIPROCITY, is all a collaboration with Civico Zero, Asinitas and Matemù, and involves a group of under-18 youngsters and their journey “embedded” in the spaces of the city, as well as their ambiguities and conflicts. In Captures both voice and body become cartographic tools, building on a conception of choreographic method utilised in Carboni’s previous work titled EM Tools: embodied map tools. In order to trigger a process of exchange, Captures involves performers who are from different geographic backgrounds as well as rooted in the local community. Through various steps and assorted phases of work, the tensions and contradictions collected in the artistic space, processed and reconfigured by those participating in the workshop, all flow into a choreographic writing process from which an unprecedented form of non-verbal communication between bodies and objects is born and articulated.