Short Theatre is a festival of theatre and the performing arts that for the past twelve years has recomposed the landscape of the live show. It is a temporary community that renews itself every year through the curation of artistic paths from national and international contexts: shows, performances, installations, talks, concerts, DJ sets. Short Theatre offers a platform to question changing dialogue and imagine new affinities that extend beyond disciplinary, generational, geographic and cultural borders.

AREA06 is a production and promotion platform based in Rome and active on a national and European level. It produces different formats linked to the performing arts such as artist residencies, workshops and provide advisory service for independent artists. Since 2006 AREA06 has produced the multidisciplinary festival Short Theatre.
AREA06 is also member of Associazione Scenario which award the Scenario Prize for new and emerging artists.
Professionals of different background, such as producers, artists, cultural managers, young interns and ambiancer, gather their expertise and curiosity to search for new production and communication forms.
AREA06 aims to design the conditions to look at the performing arts with a newly inspired gaze.