9 September| 10.45 a.m. + 5.15 p.m.
10 September| 10.30 a.m. + 11.45 a.m.
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project and director  | Lotte van den Berg 
written by | Sodja Lotker 
guides | Daria Deflorian and Antonio Tagliarini 
production assistant | Martina Ruggeri 
a Triennale Teatro dell’Arte, Short Theatre, Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria/Terni Festival production
in collaboration with | Third Space 


Cinéma Imaginaire is a site-specific performance created in the minds of each spectator. The Italian version of this project is the result of an artistic collaboration between Deflorian/Tagliarini, winners of important awards both in Italy and abroad, with feted Dutch director Lotte van den Berg, herself one of the most important artists of the new European scene. The participants in Cinéma Imaginaire are given precise instructions in order to ‘film’ their own five-scene movie, but one that remains in their own minds via their gaze. This process turns into an opportunity to look afresh at a seemingly overlooked and familiar urban landscape. The project is an invitation to live the city (and reality) in an uncommon way, to look for new perspectives. Suddenly, and without anyone noticing, reality becomes fiction. Regardless of if you were born in this city, or you’ve been living in it for years or you’ve just arrived, Cinéma Imaginaire can show you Rome in a completely different way. Because, as the Dutch artist said, “to create strong images, there is no need for actors, directors or set design. Just have the courage to look. “ 


Lotte van den Berg is a Dutch director. Her projects span cinema and the visual arts, theatre as well as dance, giving rise to a personal style in constant evolution. Her work is programmed in important festivals throughout Europe, America and Africa. She has received numerous awards, including the Erik Vos Prize and the Charlotte Kohler Prize.  

Daria Deflorian and  Antonio Tagliarini are writers, directors and performers. From 2008 they have realised a series of projects, shows and site-specific performances. They are justly feted for their work, which has been seen in across Italy and abroad. Some of their writing is collected in the 2014 volume Trilogia dell’invisibile (The Invisible Trilogy) published by Titivillus. In 2016 their show Il cielo non è un fondale debuted in Lausanne. 


10 Sep 2017




7€ / 5€ (under 25, over 65)


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