14 September  | 08.30 p.m.
Studio 2 | La Pelanda

Performers | Lamin Kijera, Moussa Molla Salih, Alexandra Florentina Florea, Natalia De Martin Deppo, Youssef El Gahda, Matteo Miucci, Younes El Bouzari, Gianfilippo Di Bari, Camillo Acanfora
Directorial Coordinator | Camillo Acanfora
Dramaturgical Coordinator | Natalia De Martin Deppo
Visual Artist | Aurélia Higuet
Organiser and Spokesperson | Angela Sciavilla

Winning Play of the “Premio Scenario per Ustica 2017”
1. The Veryferici are outsiders. If they weren’t outsiders, they wouldn’t be true Veryferici.
2. The Veryferici are women, Veryferiche. They are rare, but they transform everything.
3. The Veryferici are children of a closed world. But they know how to pry open the locks.
4. The Veryferici play music. Sometimes songs, Sometimes explosions. Sometimes the intercom at night.
5. The Veryferici are the grandchidren of a trickster, of a rice weeder, of a desert marauder, of a black witch.
6. The Veryferici laugh. Escape. Burn. Fuck. Eat with their hands. Take drugs. Save the world. Die young.
7. The Veryferici are super-heroes. Or super-errors. Depending on which side of the bed they wake up on.
8. The Veryferici speak of themselves only through songs. Because the official language feels restrictive to them. The Veryferici can be drawn only with spray paint. They do to society what graffiti does to walls: they deface it, they beautify it, they irritate it. Their are destined to be erased.
9. The Veryferici can save the world, only if the world wants to be saved.
10. The Veryferici are attracted by the centre. The temptation to enter is powerful. Like a moth to the light. How will it end?

Shebbab Met Project is a heterogenous group of guys, thugs, brats, youths, born in August of 2016. Created within the company Cantieri Meticci, they had the common goal of making their living with the theatre. They utilise a collective dramaturgical method. Composed of grids. Of key words. Of experiments. The dramaturgy is born from the lives of its members. Organised around songs, drafts of songs, attempts at song. Because it is a simple approach. Easily understood. The directorial method comes from the world of dance. Improvisation. Carried out within the cultural frameworks of its members.

Motivation of the Jury
The prize is awarded on the basis of the contagious vitality of a group that makes its presence felt in the urban outskirts where they find the beating heart of their theatre, building theatrical frescoes floating on music with an incredible emotional impact and overwhelming energy. A theatre that wants to be used to tell unheard tales, aspiring to reach out to those where the theatre is virtually unknown.



14 Sep 2017




7€ / 5€ (under 25, overs 65)


La Pelanda
Piazza Orazio Giustiniani 4