15 and 16 September | 10.45 p.m.
Studio 2 | La Pelanda

direction | Sofia Asencio
playwriting| Tomàs Aragay
coreografic direction | Sofia Asencio
creation and interpretation | Semolina Tomic
lighting and stage space | CUBE
sound designer | Marc Navarro
technician: Alfonso Ferri
production |  Imma Bové
comunication and distribution |  Tomàs Aragay 
coproduction |  TNT - Terrassa Noves Tendències festival
in collaboration with Ajuntament de Bàscara and Antic Theatre
with support from Instituto Cervantes Roma

Anarchy by Societat Doctor Alonso is an experiment between chaos and order to be carried out with the public: spectators play electric guitars, while performer Semolina Tomic explores movement, everyone engaged in a game, an exploration of the possibilities of control, liberty and confusion. “If you want silence, you have to work for it”, “Do whatever you want”: it is with these affirmations that the company reassumes the possible intentions of those who participate in the performance. From birth, each of us is tied to external circumstances and we must depend on others for what we need, such as food and warmth. Artists are dependent in such a way on theatres and politics to bring their pieces to the public. A social interdependence, existential, essential. So, who is the chief of artistic action, who really decides the sense and possibility? For the Societat Doctor Alonso, art is an organic space for experimenting and playing with the means and contradictions of making art and Anarchy poses a simple question: “Who possesses art?”. The diverse languages mix, creating an experiment similar to Live Art, where all is in movement, fluid in gestures and themes. The public has the right and obligation to speak, make noise, observe silences. Everyone is responsible. Everyone can choose to do nothing. Anarchy has a slogan: Noise and silence: the government does not own us!

Societat Doctor Alonso, directed by Tomas Aragay (director and playwright) and Sofia Asencio (dancer and choreographer) is a company from Catalonia that – through mixed genres, scenic formats and various collaborations – has created its own “personal and pioneering” language founded on the concept of movement. Repositioning anything from its fixed place modifies language, not only by changing the objects constructed meaning, but by changing how it can be interpreted and its very potential, as well as its place in political discourse.


15 Sep 2017 - 16 Sep 2017




9€ / 7€ (under 25, over 65)

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La Pelanda
Piazza Orazio Giustiniani 4