FANNIE SOSA | Pleasure is power

The Open For All workshop, Pleasure Is Power, looks at anti colonial strategies to regain pleasurable functions in the body of the dancer.  Effectively, dance is often apprehended through pain and discipline in the west.  This workshop, designed to operate as a gentle awakening of the body in the morning, proposes different theoretical and practice tools that Fannie Sosa has amassed over years of teaching a pleasure based movement. The workshop combines breathing, conversation, movement, hooping, voice and rhythm to form a writing/choreographic method that first of all visibilises pain in the body (as queer, as Black, as migrants, as precarious, etc) and then asks what are the concrete tools we have in our reach to go towards a pleasurable body.  The question is: where does it hurt? And once that is established, what can we do transform this pain into pleasure? 

Fannie Sosa is an afro-descendant activist, artist and curandera. She performs with the School Of No Big Deal and her talk/workshop Resistance Is In The Cracks, where she challenges the binary terror between our own ‘cannibal’ and ‘civilised’ selves, has toured internationally. She is currently doing a France- Brasil co-directed PhD called Twerk, Torque: New Strategies for Subjectivity Decolonisation in Web 2.0 Times . Her work is built around pleasurable resistance, the processes of being/ becoming an outsider in technoscientific worlds, trans-ness, divine pride, intersection- al radically inclusionary femme-inism and sexual decolonisation, often using matriarchal and indigenous/diasporic references as a form of resistance against the epistemology of the capitalist market places. Fannie Sosa currently lives and works between Europe and South America. 



11 Sep 2017




Free entry


La Pelanda
Piazza Orazio Giustiniani 4