16 september | h 11.30 pm
Bar India
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Mary Gehnyei

A female Roman DJ of Liberian origins, Mary Genhey began her musical adventure as a vocalist in some of Italy’s best clubs: the Goa in Rome, the Redzone in Perugia, the Metropolis in Naples, performing alongside DJs such as Tony Humphries, Roger Sanchez and Deadmau5 among others.
At the same time she got into the world of vinyl, with which she formed a very deep bond. What initially was merely the desire to collect soon became a form of in-depth musical research, which she now shares with an audience during her elegant and eclectic sets. Following highly researched paths and experimenting with different sounds, these various influences flow into her sets that traverse Hip Hop to Techno Detroit, mixing Old Skool R & B with UK Garage.
Between 2018 and 2020 Mary Gehnyei also collaborated with the Neapolitan WOO! crew. She still plays out and does warm up sets under the pseudonym Sugar Puma as well as collaborating with the fashion and cinema sectors.