September 7 | 6:00 pm
La Pelanda - Spazio Aperto
book presentation
September 7 | 11:00 pm
La Pelanda - Spazio Aperto

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Valerio Mattioli (NERO) + Andrea Benedetti

Più brillante del sole


This year NERO and Short Theatre will play together once again, for a night dedicated to music and readings. 
Their joint work is focused on More Brilliant Than The Sun, groundbreaking text by Kodwo Eshun translated for the first time into Italian for the upcoming publication in the NOT series.
Valerio Mattioli will guide Short Theatre’s audience through the pages of the book and all the musical references. An Afrofuturist dj set by Andrea Benedetti will follow.  

6:00 pm
Presentation + Listening session curated by Valerio Mattioli (NERO)
11:00 pm
Afrofuturist dj set curated by Andrea Benedetti

More Brilliant Than The Sun

Kodwo Eshun’s More Brilliant Than The Sun (Più brillante del sole), first published in 1998 and translated this year for the first time into Italian, is still today an unrivalled attempt to blend the history of black music, science fiction and theory fiction; it can be considered a timeless Afrofuturist masterpiece.
Analysing the sounds of techno, jazz, dub and hip hop, as well as talking about “gods” like Sun Ra and Alice Coltrane, Lee Perry and Public Enemy, Drexciya and Underground Resistance, More Brilliant Than The Sun is more than an essay on music, it is a manifesto on the time when the ideas of race, authenticity and nationality will explode into a myriad of fragments coming from the future.

Andrea Benedetti

DJ, musician, producer, founding member of the labels Sounds Never Seen and Plasmekradio speaker, promoter and journalist, Andrea Benedetti is a pillar of the electro scene and a protagonist of the debut of techno and clubbing in Rome in the Nineties