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DOM- + Boato \ Danesin

L'uomo che cammina

14 September | h 6 pm
La Pelanda – Studio 1
1 h + Talk

«How to transform a theatrical event into a cinematographic work? In particular, one without a traditional plot-line, but only a long walk from downtown Rome to the former seaplane base in Ostia? How can we convert, into sounds and images, the incredible heightening of reality that the spectator experiences in The Walking Man? That’s what we asked ourselves when we decided to make this film.» (Giulio Boato)

 L’uomo che cammina is a landscape performance that lasts five hours, inspired by the graphic novel by Jiro Taniguchi, created by the artistic collective DOM- by Leonardo Delogu and Valerio Sirna. After a tour in various Italian cities, as well as abroad,  L’uomo che cammina was performed in Rome in the summer of 2018. During the production in Rome, the artistic duo of Boato\Danesin followed the performance and created a film. The result is a brand new work that, taking full advantage of the possibilities offered by the medium of film, gives new life to the performance experience from which it draws its origins.

A man walks through the city. He crosses through a series of spaces which seemingly transform themselves into some otherworldly place. During this journey, a fragment of a life is stretched out before us – an afternoon at the end of summer moving in a state of suspended animation, the figure of a lonely and elusive man, fallen into a game of apparitions and narrative false leads. Through his voyage, the landscape opens up and reveals itself to the public as they follow the man from a distance, spying on him, teetering between identification and estrangement. Starting with the graphic novel The  L’uomo che cammina by Jiro Taniguchi, DOM- builds a dramaturgy of space in which to explore the confines between the urban and the “third” landscape, that between the city centre and the suburbs. In the re-elaboration of Boato\Danesin, the camera is the spectator, increasingly penetrating into the very substance of places. The audio-visual rendering of this walk is the perfect pretext for translating the highly theatrical notion of “experience” into cinema.

L’iniziativa è parte del programma dell’Estate Romana promossa da Roma Capitale Assesorato alla Crescita Culturale e realizzata in collaborazione con SIAE

Giulio Boato studied visual and performing arts at the universities of Venice, Bordeaux, Bologna and Paris. His first documentary was a portrait of artist and theatre director Jan Fabre, which won the prize for best art documentary in Rome (Conversazioni Video, 2015).
In 2018, he released Theatron, a documentary film on avant-garde director Romeo Castellucci, winning at the New Renaissance Film Festival (London) and taking best-performance-film honours at the FAFF in Los Angeles.
In the same year, he finished work on the Japanese multimedia artist Shiro Takatani, which was then selected for competition at the FIFA International Art Film Festival 2019 (Montreal).

Lorenzo Danesin is a sound designer, composer and sound technician. He studied at the “Benedetto Marcello” Conservatory in Venice, as well as studying History and the Tutelage of Musical Cultural Assets at the Università degli Studi in Padova. He has provided the soundtrack, sound design and sound engineering for various films, including Animata Resistenza (“Leone” for Best Documentary on Cinema at the 71° Venice Film Festival), Theatron| Romeo Castellucci, Jan Fabre. Beyond the Artist, Shiro Takatani – Between Nature and Technology. In the theatre, he regularly collaborates with the company doyoudada, which he founded himself, as well as the Post Scriptum Company.

DOM- had its start in 2013 as a collaboration between the artists Leonardo Delogu, Valerio Sirna and Hélène Gautier. It explores the language of performing arts with a particular attention towards the relationship between the body and the landscape, and is committed to the spread of peculiar practices of habitation, connected to the space and time of artistic creation. DOM- creates performance events, seminars, walks, writings, gardens, installations, videos and photographic narratives.

a film by Boato\Danesin
direction, Photography and Editing by Giulio Boato
original Music, Sound Design and Mixing by Lorenzo Danesin
based on the Theatre Piece of the Same Name DOM-
created by Valerio Sirna and Leonardo Delogu, with Mario D’Amico and Marta Olivieri
produced by PAV