Lady Maru / Enrico Kybbe / Bob Corsi

Rootsvibes dj set

9 September | h 10:30 pm
La Pelanda – Outside Area
dj set

Escaping from tags and definitions, Lady Maroots, Kybbe and Bob Corsi met by chance in the Roman night, discovering that they shared a common passion for old Reggae and Dub tracks. From that moment onward, they began creating their own imaginary Jamaica, made up of rare albums and good vibes, to which, around once a month, they welcome Rome’s night owls.

Lady Maru began producing music in 1994 with an electric guitar, toy drums and a Tascam four-track recorder. She started working as a DJ in 2003 for small clubs and underground parties with a sound that ranges from deep groove to techno. In Rome, she was in residence at Amigdala and U-Kabarett and often collaborates with La Roboterie. Occasionally, she can be found at one of Europe’s underground evenings. Upcoming is a live electronic recording, as well as her own acid techno label.

Sardinian of East Rome, passionate about music in all its forms, Kybbe started collecting records at an early age and it got really out of hand. The collection welcomed the most varied of musical tastes – Junk-Shop, Glam, Punk, Afro, Reggae, etc., etc. But more than just collecting them, he loves to grant them new life all around Rome – from Proudfoot Sound to Rootsvibes to the new Afro/Disco Cosmic70.

Bob Corsi is a DJ, musical archaeologist, producer and musical consultant, as well as a dance-floor provocateur in the city of Rome. Working evenings at places like Magnetica, Go Bang, and Roots-Vibes, his DJ sets, strictly in vinyl, are a mix of sounds, ranging from Soul, Dub, Disco, Sound Tracks, Exotica, Latin Rhythms, Calypso, Cumbia, Funk, Rock-Steady, Afro Beat, Jazz, Psychedelic and sampled relics.