Sunday 6 | 10:00 pm
WeGil – Piazzetta
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Lola Kola e Bertuccia Rock


simple the life at 45 rpm
gentle the stylus on the record
round and round I go
as I groove through the world
as I groove through the earth, beautiful for the music that dances


Nobody has really understood who is Lola Kola and what she does.
She is a woman, a man, a transgender person, a child, a toy and a rocking horse to be mounted.
She was a fashion designer, model, actress, prostitute, drug dealer, junkie, singer, pop icon, diva and crazy trailblazer, never really wanting to be anything.
They bestowed on her a coronet, without ever wasting a single tear of happiness, and she will return it, without wasting a tear of sadness.
Over years of hard work in fashion companies as a designer she went to all the parties and after parties possible, listening to all the music blasting from the speakers, taking and drinking in everything she could, she was always there.
At that point photographers, directors and stylists all began to want Lola for photos, for acting and appearances in videos.
Despite having done little TV work and even less cinema, all of these things that she hardly remember the titles and never rewatch, Kola’s jewel in the crown remains ‘Sambaca’, a music video by Alien Alien.
She began her musical adventure with impy a u-kabarett, an unusual mash up of live performances, mixing sounds from bands to circus sounds, through cabaret music and techno.
But being uncompromising, intractable and hopelessly direct, at the first disagreement she quit.
Now she is back and involved in Tropicantesimo the capital’s most beautiful party event, created by the best DJ ever, Hugo Sanchez.
During the evening she sings, the only activity now able to excite her and make her shed a tear.
Defining herself as a vocal artist she interprets songs ranging from bossa nova to punk, from reggae to cumbia.
Lola Kola is now this, a new genderless sound clad in the glamorous dresses she creates for herself. Perhaps it is a broken promise once more, or perhaps it truly is a revolution.


Born in a remote suburb of southern Italy and raised among the penetrating smells of olive oil mills and gunpowder, Rocco Bartucci hid himself in a photographic darkroom and began looking at the world through a camera lens. It was after becoming a member of the Pescheria collective that he found his own way. He became the wizard behind Tropicantesimo where he danced, photographed, recorded and most famously designed the set of the Capital’s most controversial event.
He started to collect 45rpm vinyl discs for fun, with a remit to tether his collection to even the most ancient of sounds, and a zeal that allowed him to explore countries without moving from the turntables. Bertuccia Rock, as an unpredictable little monkey, will make you listen to his strange – but not too much – music.