11 September | 9 pm
Mattatoio – Spazio Aperto
live dj set

New Weird Italia: Anna Giovanna, Mira, Jason La Mecca, Adriano Cava


Unravel — meant both as “to solve a mystery” and “to disentangle a skein” — is a collective game of building/dismantling sounds in order to reassemble them in an acoustic tangle. Four elements alternate and meet in a dynamic scene, through improvisation, mutual listening and understanding. Music flows for three hours transforming itself into a connective tissue. The concert/performance is divided in two parts. The first one, La casa delle rose, is a journey – as delicate as a caress – across the places of germination and senescence, in search of blossoms with unknown and unknowable colours. Trompe-l’oreille: A Foley-Whistling Place is a fictional soundscape. It is a whistling talk made of surreal gestures, acoustic illusions, wind instruments and electronic objects.

Unravel is played by Anna Giovanna, Mira, Jason La Mecca and Adriano Cava, some elements from the group Misto Mame.


New Weird Italia is an heterogeneous artistic expression born in Misto Mame apartment. Pasta-performers. Running happenings, releasing records via screw-wave music label Riforma and broadcasting radio through 00185fm. Expanded nonlinear collective. DIY attitude. Runaway movement.


ph. Marcello Rotondella