14 September | 8:45 pm
15 September | 8.30 pm
WEGIL - Sala Rossa
lecture performance
In English with English and Italian surtitles

Rita Natálio

Spillovers — a performative reading

Spillovers by Rita Natálio intertwines performance and writing, imagination and somatic experience using transfeminism and ecology as her tools. It is an unusual text, a sex manual, a sci-fi essay on water and pleasure that offers a reinterpretation of Lesbian Peoples: Material For A Dictionary (1976) by Monique Wittig and Sande Zeig. Rita Natálio creates a dialogue with the proposals and the modern fantasies by Astrida Neimamis, Audre Lorde, Dionne Brand, Kathryn Yusoff, Isabelle Stengers, Malcom Ferdinand, Valentina Desideri & Denise Ferreira da Silva, Ursula K. Le Guin, among others.
The text recited by Rita Natálio represents a glossary defining sensorial and choreography protocols as tools for deciphering and understanding human/non human grafts. Movement is the matter that forms her writing and gathers archives of images and books about ecofeminist theories and practices.

Performance includes nude moments.

Rita Natálio is a performing artist and researcher. Non-binary lesbian. They are currently preparing a double doctorate in Art Studies and Anthropology, with a focus on the Anthropocene and perceptions of humanity-nature. They work primarily with poetry, dramaturgy and performance, and are presently involved with the creation of a series of lecture-performances that are directly linked to their research on climate change and art practice. They coordinate Terra Batida, a network of people, practices and knowledge based in Portugal that contests ecological violence and the politics of abandonment. Its annual residency programmes enable artists, scientists and activists to come together to address socio-environmental conflicts in specific territorial contexts.


text and performance Rita Natálio
collaboration Alina Ruiz Folini
dialogues Josefa Pereira, A.ves.
video animation and drawings (tbc)
light and Sound Design (tbc)
english translation Miguel Cardoso and other translator
coproduction Cinema Batalha, Festival Alkantara
production Associação Parasita
support Create to Impact Network /CREATIVE EUROPE; Pass the mic! – decolonizing education throught the arts, Alkantara Festival
residency Estudios Victor Cordon/Festival Alkantara, CAMPUS / Oporto
PARASITA is funded by the Government of Portugal – Ministry of Culture / General- Directorate for the Arts, during 2020—22.

ph. Rita Natálio