11 September | h 7 pm
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Silvia Calderoni + Viola Lo Moro

Denti di latte

Silvia Calderoni, in dialogue with Viola Lo Moro, presents her debut novel, Denti di Latte (Milk Teeth), to be published by Fandango Libri.

In the novel Denti di Latte, childhood – that time of baby teeth and amazement at the discovery of what surrounds us – does not pass, rather it dilates in a magic spell, and outlines the frontiers of a childhood that does not conform to Lugo, a small provincial Italian town. Watch. Listen. The sensory field opens up. In the eyes of the story’s protagonist, reality offers itself as a frightening object of investigation; nothing really is as it seems, everything must be studied, analysed and dissected. Basically everything is a perimeter of self-projections, projections which – taking into account the impossibility of communicating with one’s fellow humans – offer the possibility of finding that missing interlocutor.
As a child, Silvia lived and oscillated between two realms, the first, that of wakefulness, the second, that of sleep and dream, and in both she meticulously created a world to cling to, where fantasy and memories intersected and allow her to save herself from everyday banality. In this setting, where even the most insignificant object seems to keep a secret, the figures of the parents are blurred, as are friendships; ordinary things don’t count – only those that the protagonist collects and uses to build her own universe, at the same time original and ordinary. With a stripped down and poetic writing, Silvia Calderoni tells of an unsweetened childhood, a childhood that is already an adult life. An indefinable, unpublished, all too human book.

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Silvia Calderoni is an actress, author and performer. She trained artistically from a very young age with the choreographer Monica Francia and with the Teatro della Valdoca company, for which she has taken part in various productions including Paesaggio con fratello rotto (Landscape with a broken brother). Since 2006 he has been an active part of the Motus company and is a performer in the shows Rumore Rosa, ICS – racconti crudeli della giovinezza, Crac, Let the sunshine in, Too-late, Io vado via, Tre atti pubblici, Alexis. Una tragedia greca, nella tempesta, Caliban Cannibal and Tutto brucia; shows that have been hosted in numerous national and international festivals. She is the protagonist of The Plot is the Revolution alongside Judith Malina, historic founder of the Living Theatre. Since 2015 she has been touring her solo show MDLSX around the main international theatre and festival circuits, which she wrote together with Daniela Nicolò. She won the 2009 Ubu Award for Best Actress Under 30, in the cinema she appeared in the cult film The Legend of Kasper Hauser, directed by Davide Manuli (2012). Since 2015, alongside Ilenia Caleo, she have been carrying out an open and roving research atelier that winds through laboratory phases, artistic residencies and spectacular formats. Starting from the Biennale College Teatro 2018 workshop, one of these ateliers gave birth to KISS, a performative project with 23 performers, produced by Santarcangelo Festival, CSS Udine and Motus. In 2023 they debuted with the show The Present Is Not Enough in Hamburg.

Silvia Calderoni is also present at Short Theatre 2023 – Radical Sympathy with the performance The Present Is Not Enough together with Ilenia Caleo, scheduled for Friday 8 and Saturday 9 of September.

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