10 September | 6 pm
Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo

workshop outcome

in Italian

5€ / 3€ concession + booking fee. The ticket price will support the realisation of the project.

Fabiana Iacozzilli / Cranpi | CANCELLED

Piccole donne crescono

Piccole donne crescono (Little Women Grow Up) is an integrated theatre project curated by Fabiana Iacozzilli e Cranpi. Developed in 2023 through various stages of workshop practice and public showings, the project involved young boys and girls recovering from eating disorders.
Louisa May Alcott’s novel Little Women was the starting point of the collective practice aimed at finding connections between the book’s themes and the participant’s thoughts, and at sharing the result of these meetings. Narrative issues emerge from the fours protagonists – in a logic of proximity and discordance – and pave the road towards a world where the novel and contemporary reality coexist. Some of the central scenes from Little Women are integrated with creative inspirations emerged during the collective practice and woven together through shadow play, thanks to the collaboration of the collective Malombra.

At 4 p.m. there will be the meeting Percorsi possibili nel trattamento del comportamento dei disturbi alimentari held by dott. Antonio Sarnicola – Villa Pia/Korian Italia

Fabiana Iacozzilli is a director-author whose research focuses on scenic dramaturgy and the performer’s expressive potential. She has been working with Teatro Vascello since 2013, with Cranpi and Carrozzerie | n.o.t since 2017 and she’s been a member of the Lincoln Center Directors Lab (New York) since 2011. Among her shows: Aspettando Nil, winner of New York’s Underground zero Festival, and La classe that won the cross-regional residency CURA, then debuted at the Romaueropa Festival 2018 and gained her the In-Box Award 2019, the ANCT Critics Award 2019 and four nominations to the UBU Prize 2019. In 2021 she directs Abitare il ritorno, a community theatre project conceived by Asinitas and part of INCROCI and LiteracyAct, an international project for the sharing of theatre practices. In 2023 her work En Abyme premieres at the Biennale Teatro. She is currently working on Il Grande vuoto that will premiere at Romaeuropa Festival 2023.

by Fabiana Iacozzilli | Cranpi
in partnership with Marta Meneghetti
artistic partnership Malombra
performers Azzurra, Aurora, Marta, Irene T., Irene S., Luca
artistic advice Clara Greco, Piero Lanzellotti, Alessia Sala, Francesco Savino
healthcare professional Francesca di Carmine, Franco Fusco
production Cranpi
sustained by Fondazione Alta Mane Italia
in partnership with Villa Pia-Korian Italia
healthcare direction Dott. Antonio Sarnicola
the teaching of History of directing Prof. Guido Di Palma del Dipartimento di Storia Antropologia Religione Arte Spettacolo dell’Università Sapienza, Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo 

ph. Filippo Maria Gori