17 September | 6 pm
Monte dei Cocci

place for contemplation

The event has been conceived as a tour. 
It will end at sunset.
No photographs allowed.
Silence is requested.

8€ + booking fee

Habillé d’eau / Silvia Rampelli

Body Farm

The project is titled after Body Farms – forensic anthropology research facilities created in America to study the decomposition of human bodies – as a reverberation of certain analogies in language. The invitation to donate his/her body to science leads the actor/actress to surrender to reality, to the gaze. In the dominion of observation the dimension of exposure , matter, time, the de-composition of the scenic action, the break of the rhythm system, the loss of connections, the surfacing of processes, are real.
Immersed in an open space, the beholder is in the condition of having to find a measure, a focus, a direction, an order.
Body Farm is the necessarily singular experiment of an apparent event and of its perceptual swarm, of a gaze left alone that – as it looks for its object – generates something.

Founded by Silvia Rampelli in 2002, Habillé d’eau is an independent research project on the nature of action, on the central role played by the perceptive dimension in the scenic practice and in transformative experience processes. Alessandra Cristiani and Eleonora Chiocchini currently participates in the project while Francesca Proia, Gianni Staropoli and Valerio Sirna were part of it in past years. Habillé d’eau has been produced by Venice Biennal and invited to major festivals. Widely acclaimed by critics and awarded with several prizes such as the Ubu Prize for Best Dance Show in 2018.

concept and direction Silvia Rampelli
performer Alessandra Cristiani, Eleonora Chiocchini, Valerio Sirna, Francesca Proia, Marcello Sambati, Flavio Arcangeli, Stefania Tansini
production Tir Danza
production support Armunia/Festival Inequilibrio 2022
sustained by Azienda Speciale Palaexpo – Mattatoio | Progetto Prender-si cura

ph courtesy of the artist