8 September | h 7 pm
La Pelanda – Mattatoio – Galleria/Tettoia

screening + talk + live + djset

film in French with italian surtitles

7€ from 11 pm

Fanfulla 5/a: GTAIE + Côte D’Opale

Sympathy for GTAIE. The East Rome Branch

An all-night stream to enter into the sonic and aesthetic universe of La Grande Triple Alliance Internationale de l’Est, a French and international art collective of which Fanfulla 5/a, in the Pigneto area, is its Roman branch.
The journey begins in the Galleria of La Pelanda, where the documentary film reconstructing the history of the collective born in the early 2000s will be screened, introduced by the two directors Nicolas Drolc and Guillaume Marietta. We will then move on to the outside area for a live performance by Julie Normal, Hugo Sanchez and Gabor who will present the Côte D’Opale project which uses the Ondes Martenot, one of the first electronic synthesisers. Following this, the djset by Bob Jr, Thurston Mourad and Maria Violenza will continue to weave the threads of La Grande Triple Alliance Internationale de l’Est.

7.00 + 9.00 pm | Galleria
screening of La Grande Triple Alliance Internationale de l’Est in loop

23.00 | Galleria
introduction of the film La Grande Triple Alliance Internationale de l’Est with the directors Nicolas Drolc and Guillaume Marietta

23.20 | Tettoia
live by Côte D’Opale / Julie Normal & Hugo Sanchez & Gabor

00.00 | Tettoia
djset by La Grande Triple Alliance Internationale de l’Est / Bob Jr & Thurston Mourad & Maria Violenza

The Côte d’Opale is a French region with a landscape of beaches, dunes and cliffs. In Rome, Côte d’Opale is the landscape formed by Julie Normal with the Ondes Martenot mixed with the sound distortion of Hugo Sanchez and Gabor.
Drones, suspended, dilated and opalescent sounds.

La Grande Triple Alliance Internationale de l’Est is an informal and iconoclastic art collective that was born between Metz and Strasbourg in the late 2000s and has since spread to the rest of France, Belgium and Italy.

Filmmaker Nicolas Drolc (Sur les toits, La mort se mérite) and musician Guillaume Marietta (The Feeling of Love, A.H. Kraken) collected and reordered an enormous amount of archives, interviews and live recordings over the course of a year to tell the story of a movement that systematically slips through your fingers as soon as you try to theorise about it.

These musicians, designers, painters, sculptors, videographers have, in just a few years, profoundly redefined the foundations of the underground in France. People who, quite simply, at some point decided to do things differently.

There they cross paths with a multitude of activists, such as Delacave, Télédétente 666, Scorpion Violente, Maria Violence, Kania Tieffer, Usé, PlastoBeton, Junkie Brewster, Cheb Samir, Holiday Inn, Willy Tenia, Noir Boy Georges etc.

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