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Network and collaborations

Network and collaborations

    European Projects

    Festivals of the Future

    Festivals of the Future is a brand new network focused on nurturing the next generation of festival leaders and developing innovative and sustainable new festival models. Led by Transform, Festivals of the Future brings together a core partnership including Take Me Somewhere (Scotland), Parallèle (France), Short Theatre (Italy) and MIR (Greece). The project will also engage with associates D-Caf (Egypt), My Wild Flag (Sweden), Les Urbaines (Switzerland), and Homo Novus (Latvia) and a wider cohort of emerging and established festival leaders across Europe and beyond. Focused on bold, pioneering and predominantly female led performance festivals, the partners will collaborate across a two-year period to explore and develop new kinds of festival models. Coming together through retreats and collaborative projects, Festivals of the Future will assemble inspiring leaders to interrogate everything from low carbon models, alternative finance, collaborative leadership, co-creation, audience development and more.

    Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe: Beyond borders?

    Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe: Beyond borders? is a cooperation project aiming at supporting and promoting contemporary playwriting in Europe, in order to consolidate and strengthen the activities and strategies of artists working in the field. Fabulamundi will run from 2017 to 2020 in 10 European countries, with 15 partners including theatres, festivals and cultural organisations in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Romania, Austria, Belgium, Poland, England and the Czech Republic, and with 8 other twinned countries, coordinated by PAV. The project – of which Short Theatre has been a partner since the beginning – has been funded twice by the European Commission, in 2013 and 2015, and is now continuing its journey through Europe until 2020 thanks to Creative Europe 2014-2020 funds and now waiting for the outcome of the new Creative Europe call.


    Boarding Pass Plus Dance

    Boarding Pass Plus Dance is a project for the professionalisation and international mobilisation of dance-artists and producers “under-35”, supported by MIBAC, Italy’s Cultural Ministry. Leading the project is Operaestate/ CSC of Bassano del Grappa, in partnership with the Associazione Culturale AREA06, Fondazione Piemonte dal VivoIndisciplinarte srlSantarcangelo dei Teatri, as well as numerous foreign partners.

    Be My Guest

    Be My Guest is a structured and organic network dedicated to emerging practices in performing arts. It gathers 11 international partners attentive to the renewal of artistic forms and known for their commitment to artists. Based on the complicity, the confidence and the freedom of the exchanges, Be My Guest questions itself on adapted ways to answer the needs of the artists, it is attentive to their trajectories and is based on a relationship of invested support, with a long course follow-up. Thanks to the support of Pro Helvetia and the French Institute Be My Guest supports 3 projects in co-production per year. In addition to this financial support, Be My Guest offers a variety of collaborations: distribution, residencies, workshops… Be My Guest is also a space for reflection on our professional practices, connected to current social issues. 

    The network meets 3 times a year in plenary and meets regularly more informally on the occasion of programming highlights in Europe and beyond. 

    Be My Guest members are:  Arts Admin – London, ICI – Centre chorégraphique national de Montpellier, Montpellier, Festival Belluard Bollwerk International – Fribourg, Kunstencentrum BUDA – Kortrijk, La Bellone Maison du Spectacle – Bruxelles, Materiais Diversos – Lisboa, Parallèle plateforme pour la jeune création internationale – Marseille, Short Theatre – Rome, Tanzquartier – Wien, Théâtre de la Bastille – Paris, Théâtre Saint-Gervais – Genève.


    Azienda Speciale Palexpo / Mattatoio di Roma

    Short Theatre and Azienda Speciale Palaexpo / Mattatoio di Roma continue to intertwine their visions and gestures towards the artistic community and the city of Rome. After the summer months, in which the spaces of La Pelanda witnessed the coming to life of the first stages of the RECIPROCITY project, dedicated to the participatory projects of Short Theatre 2021, the collaboration between the two realities is now manifested in the festival itself, in the form of surfacing and correspondence. Three of the artists who took part during the year in Prender-si cura – a production project and artistic residency, conceived and curated by Ilaria Mancia in the spaces of La Pelanda – will be guests of the festival, presenting their work in the same spaces that it inhabits from July to September. A relationship that proceeds in the sign of co-habitation and collaboration, and that sees at the center of its work the artistic support in all of its stratifications – from its creation to its encounter with an audience -, triggering a virtuous movement that develops from the specificity of each subject involved and that makes the Mattatoio di Roma a crossroads of imaginations, a place for the generation of languages, an ideal space for experimenting with new cultural practices.

    Short Theatre 2021 presents in collaboration with Mattatoio | Prender-si cura:

    September 5 | 8:30 – 10:45 pm | WEGIL

    Giulia Crispiani / Patrizia Rotonda + Mackda Ghebremariam Tesfau, Scongiuro (parte I)

    within CRATERE


    September 7 | 6:00 + 10:30 pm | La Pelanda
    Alexia Sarantopoulou, Emilio


    September 8 | 8:30 pm | La Pelanda

    Giulia Crispiani / Patrizia Rotonda + Julie Normal, Scongiuro (parte II)


    8 September | 11:00 pm | La Pelanda

    Brutal Casual Magazine (Lady Maru e Jacopo Benassi)

    Teatro di Roma / Teatro Nazionale

    The collaboration between Teatro Roma -Teatro Nazionale and Short Theatre is at the very origin of the festival, which was born in 2006 in the spaces of Teatro India as a theatre festival dedicated to short and experimental formats.
    In the name of contemporary research, of supporting the Roman artistic scene and its internationalisation, of training and the encounter between the city’s artistic generations, the Teatro di Roma supports the festival’s activities, contributing to offering the city a stratified and articulated artistic proposal. For the 2021 edition, the convergence between Teatro di Roma and ShortTheatre is also manifested in two specific projects: the European premiere of Nehanda, the latest production by Zimbabwean performer and choreographer working in the United States nora chipaumire. A co-production supported by the Embassy of the United States of America in Italy, which closes the festival on 12 and 13 September in the Teatro Argentina as part of the Grandi Pianure festival. And again, the debut of Tutto Brucia, a new work by Motus, co-produced by Teatro di Roma – Teatro Nazionale, which opens the 2021-2022 season at Teatro India and intersects the ten days of Short Theatre 2021.



    PAV collaborates with artists and institutions in the conception and realisation of cultural projects. Since its foundation in 2000 in Rome, PAV has specialised in the production, organisation and administration of festivals, exhibitions, shows and conferences. It works crosswise with national institutions, theatres, embassies, companies and individual artists, combining projects of institutional relevance with continuous monitoring and support for the independent scene. The synergy between PAV and AREA06/ Short Theatre marks the history of both structures, which have always shared projects and working paths. Thanks to the collaboration between PAV and Short Theatre, the 16th edition of the festival sees the sharing practice Les Cliniques Dramaturgiques curated by Riccardo Fazi / Muta Imago, initially conceived by Jessie Mill, as well as the joint activity in the projects linked to Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe, of which PAV is leader and Short Theatre partner.


    Dominio Pubblico

    Dominio Pubblico is an audience development project addressed to Under 25s that want to experiment as active spectators, finalised to the discovery of the contemporary scene and to the production, promotion and organisation of a multidisciplinary festival. DP in tour is designed to create a movement of a young audience on a national level and to develop a network of Italian entities that believe in a new generation of artists and in the creation of an attentive and participatory audience. The group DPU25 that will be created, will have to actively take part in the programme, documenting the activities through pictures, videos, GIFs and Stories, using social networks and the blog. During 2020 DP will experience its partner Festivals: Strabismi Festival in Foligno – Trasparenze in Modena – Up To You in Bergamo – Polline Fest in Sezze – Kilowatt Festival in Sansepolcro – Direction Under 30 at the Teatro Sociale of Gualtieri – Castellinaria in Alvito – Festival dello Spettatore in Arezzo – Attraversamenti Multipli e Short Theatre in Roma – Festival 20 30 in Bologna.



    CORIPET is a voluntary non-profit consortium, recognised by the Ministry of the Environment, of producers, converters and recyclers of PET bottles. CORIPET has created an innovative system aimed at the direct management of PET bottles for food use and activated a closed Italian chain for PET recycling.
    ShortTheatre is temporarily inserted in this virtuous process of PET recycling, making sustainable the set-up and the performance of Nadia Beugrè, for which the more than 1.000 bottles will be put into the recycling chain managed by CORIPET.




    Asinitas deals with education and social intervention with the aim of promoting activities of care, education-training and reception of minors and adults, both Italian and foreign.


    Carrozzerie | n.o.t.

    Carrozzerie | n.o.t is a cultural centre that focuses on the creation of new projects related to dance, theatre and performing arts. It chooses, as its vocation, to welcome within its spaces artistic paths that can find a slow, courageous and far-sighted time to mature an idea even within a complex urban reality such as Rome.



    The Cooperativa CivicoZero Onlus is committed every day to offering support, guidance and protection to foreign minors and young adults at risk of deviance, exploitation and abuse who, having arrived alone in Italy, find themselves in situations of social marginality. It guarantees the improvement of their living conditions and the respect of their rights, welcoming them in a protected place and acting through a multidimensional intervention.



    Coloriage is a social tailoring workshop open to unemployed people, migrants and asylum seekers. Coloriage is a place for sharing knowledge and craft practices, for creative encounters and cultural contamination.


    Lucha y Siesta

    The Lucha y Siesta Women’s House is a material and symbolic place of women’s self-determination against all gender discrimination. It’s also a space for sociability, sharing experiences and skills that are manifested through a rich tapestry of cultural and workshop activities.



    MaTeMù is the Spazio Giovani e Scuola d’Arti (Youth Space and Arts School), created and managed by CIES Onlus, in collaboration with the Municipio Roma I, in whose premises it is hosted: it is a meeting point for artistic and cultural growth, listening, guidance and entertainment. It is an incredible crossroads of ideas and possible futures.


    Teatro del Lido di Ostia

    Teatro del Lido di Ostia is a public and participatory theatre, and is unique in Italy and Europe. Public because it is supported by public funding from Roma Capitale and administered by the Teatro di Roma. Participatory because its activity is planned, managed and built by the associations of the territory, gathered in the Association of Associations TdL, which continuously dialogue among themselves and with the citizens, carrying out an intense activity of planning and design.


    SìR - Sharing in Roma

    SìR – Sharing in Roma is a project founded by a group of dancers and performers based in Rome, which promotes horizontal meetings aimed at professionals of the performing arts, to create a network for the exchange of skills, knowledge and artistic paths, aiming to create a research environment through training practices on body and movement.


    Alaska was founded in 2020 with the idea of offering a quality food and wine service in continuity with artistic and cultural contexts and events with which it enters into harmony and collaboration. A small community dedicated to recreational, leisure and cultural activities, which temporarily enters into symbiosis with other communities that make artistic and cultural programming.
    This year Alaska is curating SHORT BAR, ShortTheatre 2021’s bar, with the collaboration of Gargani, a delicatessen of excellence since 1956, to offer aperitifs, quick dinners or coffee – to accompany the time before, after and between shows, during concerts and meetings. To experience the festival space together.


    Libreria GRIOT

    Founded in 2006, GRIOT Bookshop is entirely dedicated to the cultures and literatures of Africa, the Middle East and the diasporas along with anthropology, post-colonial and migration studies with a catalogue of over 3000 books in Italian, English, French and Arabic. GRIOT is a point of reference for all those who believe that knowledge and curiosity are tools for changing society and broadening its horizons.

    Libreria TUBA

    TUBA is a women’s bookshop, a bar, a club open from morning to night since 2007 on the pedestrian island of Pigneto in Rome. TUBA is a place built on a daily basis by a group of feminists and lesbians who believe in a free, happy and aware sociality, networking with associations, schools and libraries in the city. Fighting against racial, gender and class discrimination, TUBA dedicates space to women’s imaginary, to their words and desires, to their joyful bodies, to their political strength.