Martina Gambardella Mute

15 September | h 8.45 pm
Teatro India – Sala Oceano


8€ + booking fee

Martina Gambardella / Boarding Pass Plus Dance

Mute - studio

What happens if we resist the temptation to make a gesture too soon and pay attention to the density of the space from which the movement arises? In Martina Gambardella‘s choreographic research the body flows silently and absorbs new forces from space. Mute was born from a desire to celebrate the point where movement begins, capturing the potential and generative force of space. The work focuses on the exploration of those relationships between bodies, where movement’s silent flow unfurls into forms of contact with the matters present in the environment. Dwelling on the origin of the gesture, the performance – still in the testing phase – reveals its focus on conjunctions and transitions of state, navigating in a space perceived as a tactile and resonant membrane. Surrendering to that place of decanting between outside and inside, the body appears, a changing phenomenon of presence and events, a network of immeasurable openings from which actions, reactions, mobilizations flow.

Mute is the project that Martina Gambardella is developing as part of Boarding Pass Plus Dance and which, after an artistic residency at CENTQUATRE-PARIS, in collaboration with the Festival d’Automne, will itself be presented to the public at Short Theatre 2023.


Martina Gambardella was born in Naples in 1993. Active in the field of dance, her research is oriented towards the continual deconstruction and expansion of the potential space encompassing body matter, all through the activation of learning processes starting from constant relationship with the other and with the places they inhabit. As associate artist of Coded Uomo Choreography and Research, she is currently engaged in the choreographic research of Mute, a project selected for the GDA 2023 showcase as well as being included in the Boarding Pass Plus Dance, Più_Erbacce and Around a Process of Making Action projects, the latter developed as part of Stromboli’s Marosi Festival.
She is the creator of Error#1, a project selected for the GDA 2020 Showcase and of Error supported by the ResiDanceXL faction of the Antibody Network (2021). Her future choreographies are supported by CIMD-Incubatore.

choreography and dance Martina Gambardella
production CodedUomo
original music Giuseppe Giroffi in collaboration with Stefano Costanzo
creative residencies at Associazione Sosta Palmizi
progetto selezionato per il bando Boarding Pass Plus 22-34
with the support of Associazione AREA06/ShortTheatre
in collaboration with Festival d’Automne di Parigi
with the sustain of  CENTQUATRE-PARIS e l’Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Parigi

ph. Sabrina Cirillo