14 september | 7 pm
Real Academia de España en Roma

performance sonora

Free entry with required reservation

Diana Lola Posani

Scream As If Your Organs Were Made of Glass

Scream As If Your Organs Were Made of Glass is an evolving sound action that plays on the ambiguity between wonder and anxiety. Who is the prey? Who the predator?
In Scream As If Your Organs Were Made of Glass the extended vocal technique used by the performer recalls several traditions, from throat singing of the Tuva region to metal music, but it was developed independently through the study of inhalation and deep listening to the frequencies of the voice.
In this performance rage becomes an animal, a shadow that looms and threatens.
As Diana Lola Posani slowly retreats the audience wonders about the origin of this sound, trying to pinpoint the source of the danger.
As the performer moves the growl begins to develop new frequencies, becoming a diplophonic sound.
The second voice, similar to a whistle, makes the sound increasingly ambiguous and less familiar.
In a final moment the woman turns toward the audience, revealing that she is the source of the danger.

Diana Lola Posani will be present at Short Theatre 2023, after the performance in the talk Ecologie dell’ascolto in dialogue with Piersandra di Matteo and she will also curate the workshop La gioiosa permeabilità, on Wednesday 13 September in the frame of RECIPROCITY.

Diana Lola Posani is a sound artist, independent curator and facilitator of Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening, certified by the Deep Listening Foundation. She performs internationally, writes in the magazine A Row of Trees, and in 2022 she debuted on Fango Radio with the podcast Kaikokaipuu. Her work was presented at Errant Sound (Berlin), at the Tsonami Sound Art Festival (Valparaiso), the I AM UNDONE festival (Oslo), NEXTONES festival (Val d’Ossola), in the spaces of Studio Rizoma (Palermo), at the MACRO museum (Rome) and in the sound art exhibition MEZZ’ARIA (Pistoia). She currently works on the common space between sound and poetic imagery, through interdisciplinary works and sound poems. She is the curator of AKRIDA, a nomadic sound art festival that presents international artists with a female and non-binary identity, the Figure di Filo – event supported by the Fondazione Morra, and the soundart event for children CRIATURE.

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