8 September | 7 pm + 9 pm
9 September | 7 pm + 9 pm

Teatro Nazionale – Teatro dell’Opera
performance + installazione

18€ / 12€ concussion + booking fee

Sofia Jernberg + Romeo Castellucci

Echolalias + Il Terzo Reich

Short Theatre 2023 – Radical Sympathy launches a prestigious new collaboration with the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, on the occasion of which the Teatro Nazionale will re-open to the public. A first gesture of a bigger synergy that witnesses two important cultural institutions, even if heterogeneous, converge in the name of the hybridisation of their artistic paths, aiming at creating a new space of dialogue between the opera tradition and contemporary performing arts.

The co-realisation is conceived as a combined programme of two adjacent but separate moments, created specifically for Short Theatre 2023, and which will feature Echolalias, On The Amnesia of Forgotten Sounds, a vocal performance by the Swedish experimental singer and composer of Ethiopian origin Sofia Jernberg, who moulds a wide range of vocal atmospheres through modulations in which the body discovers itself as a musical instrument up to the threshold of the more-than-human, in an unprecedented repertoire capable of piercing language; and Il Terzo Reich (The Third Reich), a video-installation by Romeo Castellucci based on a spectral representation of all nouns; a sequence of the totality of the nouns of the Italian vocabulary projected one by one, the image of an inculcated and compulsory communication, whose violence is equal to the claim of equality. The proximity of the two works, not intended as a single body, acts in this context as a dyad on language and its power.

Il Terzo Reich installation features high-volume audio and high-frequency images that are not recommended for people suffering for epilepsy, heart disease and photosensitive people.
The installation is not recommended for children under 12 years of age.
The public is free to leave the auditorium whenever they wish.
The ticket is unique and the two works can be experienced consecutively one after the other.

ph. del Teatro dell’Opera