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Friday 11 | 12:00 am
La Pelanda - Spazio Aperto
sounds flux

free entry subject to availability

Front De Cadeaux

Front De Cadeaux (F2C) isn’t just two friends teaming up, it’s a junction decades long dj experiences, shaping a revolution. F2C is bringing an epistemological breakdown applied to the art of the dj’ing culture by playing 45 rpm at 33 rpm (+/- 98 bpm). We call it Supreme Rallentato and it shows that the body follows the groove, and not the bpm even at peak time. F2C has been producing and mixing since 2013.

Maurizio Ferrara & Ugo Malatacca
© Fotopia Be

Notes on Short Theatre 2020

How would you describe your music?
audio transcription:

Our music is slowness and sensuality. Our sound is produced by slowing down bpm trough playing 45 rpm records at 33 rpm. It results in a slow electronic music with tropical, dub, afro, hypnotic sounds

What do you imagine you will say about this work in fifteen years time? Would you ever have imagined making such work fifteen years ago?

We have always played with sounds, since it is our experimental practice around DJing, and we will certainly still do it for the next 15 years.