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Bermudas Forever + Bermudas Forever (and ever) dj set

7 september | 4:30 p.m.
WeGil – Hall
3 h

From 11:30 pm Bermudas Forever transforms and evolves in Bermudas Forever (and ever) dj set by Bunny Dakota (Industria Indipendente).
On 6 September is presented Gil Bermudas, the site-specific version of Bermudas, adapted at WeGil spaces.

Designed to test the choreography capacity to be inclusive towards the outside world and the bodies information effectiveness shared by the Bermudas performers, this three-hour version includes two close and complementary spaces: in the first one, the choreographic mechanism of the show is open it to participation of anyone who wants to experience it and enter into its incessant flow of movement; in the second space people who wants to participate are briefly instructed on the simple rules necessary to be immediately in dialogue with the performers and to inteprete the development of what happens in the adjacent space. The space is open, without dress code and without curriculum. Bermudas‘ choreographic system tackles turbulence and the unexpected by accepting and modelling the contributions of unpredictable and unknown bodies, that bring the risk and excitement of the encounter into the show. Language is just language, it serves to transform the world and come into contact with each other.

Mk is considered as one of the most lively choreographic research ensemble of the Italian scene, hosted by festivals, museums, galleries and foundations
Among the touring productions: Veduta, a survey on urban landscape, Bermudas, based on perpetual motion and pure movement. The latest creation, Parete Nord, is an international collaboration coproduced by Torinodanza 2018.

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with Philippe Barbut, Biagio Caravano, Marta Ciappina, Sebastiano Geronimo, Luciano Ariel Lanza, Loredana Tarnovschi, Francesca Ugolini
Ideation by Michele Di Stefano
music by AAVV
lights by Giulia Broggi
organization by Carlotta Garlanda
distribution by Jean Francois Mathieu
production by mk 2019
in collaboration with Santarcangelo festival
with the MIBAC contribution