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OHT_Little Fun Palace

Progetto in residenza

6 – 7 September | WeGil – Piazzetta | h 6 pm – h 12 pm
8 – 14 September | La Pelanda – Outside Zone | h 6 pm – h 12 pm

A trailer. A little, handheld pavilion. A bar. A fleeting meeting place. A tribute to Fun Palace, Cedric Price’s and Joan Littlewood’s legendary project, which in the Sixties wanted to create a university on the street, a laboratory of fun. Little Fun Palace is a parasite -and independent- project presented jointly with OHT’s shows, where meetings, talks, dances, and other forms of spontaneity are held. A project which focuses on the moment that follows the cultural offering; a moment whereby ideas, words and people’s reactions need space to develop. Little Fun Palace faces a contemporary vacuum by exhuming the raison d’etre of public spaces; an open forum born thanks to the natural meeting of (among) people.

In a free, jointed and independent spirit, Little Fun Palace explores every facet of reality in its appropriate fields. A seriously spontaneous inquiry which liberates intelligence from intellectualism.



6 September

6 pm | SiR_Sharing in Roma with Fabritia D’Intino | 1h

9 pm | Cultura coloniale e monumentalità. Il ruolo di risignificazione delle pratiche artistiche contemporanee with Serena Fiorletta, Simone Frangi e Igiaba Scego | in Italian | 1h


7 September

from 9 pm | A Message to the Sea, film by Basir Mahmood | 6’


La Pelanda

8 September

8 pm | Presentation of All for All di Kinkaleri with Piersandra Di Matteo and Marco Mazzoni | 1h


10 September

9:30 pm | Sun Ra. Space Is the Place film by John Coney, introduced by Roberto Lycke | in English with subtitles in Italian | 1h 25’

from 11 pm | talk and listening session by Roberto Lycke curated by Pescheria


11 September

6 pm | Il teaser video: una forma di promozione per le arti sceniche with Fabrizio Arcuri, Federico Betta, Daniela Nicolò, Mariateresa Surianello | 1h

from 10:30 pm | Caraoche Fichissima curated by Sara Leghissa and Lucia Gallone


12 September

6 pm | SiR_Sharing in Roma with Anna Basti and Chiara Caimmi | 1h


13 September

6 pm | Bodymetrics. La misura dei corpi presentation of Quaderni dell’atelier EcoPol (IAPh-Italia) with Liana Borghi, Federica Giardini, Beatrice Busi, Alessandra Masala and Giulia Crispiani introduction and moderation by Ilenia Caleo e Isabella Pinto | 1h


14 September

from 9 pm | VIVA DONNA HARAWAY! curated by NERO presentation of Chthulucene by Donna Haraway, edited by NOT
+ proiection Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival di Fabrizio Terranova | in English with subtitles in Italian| 1h

from 3:00 am Hangover in roulotte
croissants, “maritozzi”, pancake and coffee

Hoping that Google cannot answer all questions, OHT explores reality and its representation without formal, disciplinary and emotional limitations. Established in 2008 by Filippo Andreatta, OHT has achieved national and international collaborations such as Haydn Foundation, NYC Artists’ Salon (USA), Roma Europa festival, CRT Teatro dell’Arte Triennale Milan (IT), the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation (USA), Whitechapel Gallery London (UK), Teatro della Tosse Genova, Italian Cultural Institute of Vienna (AT), MAXXI museum of the arts of the XXI century Rome (IT), among the others. Finally, Centrale Fies and MART Museum of modern and contemporary art, have frequently been partners of various projects, either for productions or for premieres. OHT has been honoured with awards for artistic excellence, including Nuove Sensibilità for young theatre directors (2008), Movin’Up award for young artists (2016 and 2017), OPER.A 20.21 Fringe (2017) and nominated for Best Set-Design at UBU prize (2018).

by OHT Office for a Human Theatre
idea Filippo Andreatta
artistic collaboration Salvatore Peluso
set-design Filippo Andreatta
construction Massimiliano Rassu, Franco Righi, Antonello Marzari
producer Laura Marinelli
co-production OHT, MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Arts, Short Theatre festival, Terni festival
in collaboration with Muta Imago