Radio That Matters

Can listening be a tool for care and social cohesion? Which spaces do radio and performance share? Can radio invent new possibilities for collective practices? Can we rethink disability as a horizon by which to reinvent artistic languages in sound-performativity?

Notwithstanding the attention given in the last decades to the necessity to ensure people with disabilities the same rights to a full personal, social and cultural life, much has still to be done on a practical level. In particular, audiences, arts professionals, and artists with disabilities all report significant barriers to full participation in cultural production and realization processes, worsened the recent pandemic. In this framework, the cultural community has been investigating new forms of cultural creation, distribution and realization, with the support of innovative or renewed tools and practices. These developments find reference in the concept of Acoustic Justice defined by the artist and writer Brandon LaBelle, which recognizes the urgencies around hearing and being heard.

Starting from this research, Radio That Matters gathers together local and international institutions to develop innovative practices and discursive platforms aimed at exploring relationships between the performative and the acoustic which can contribute to guaranteeing greater accessibility.

RTM searches for ways to open new spaces for encounter within regimes of aurality today.

Radio That Matters is an innovative European project led by AREA06 / Short Theatre (IT) together with Errant Sound (DE), Paralèlle (FR), Baltic Circle Festival (FI), PAV s.n.c. (IT) and Radio Papesse (IT), Azienda di Servizi alla Persona disabile visiva S. Alessio – Margherita di Savoia (IT) and Al. Di. Qua Artists (IT) as Associated Partner.


Radio That Matters is a «Creative Europe» small scale project aimed at investigating the crossroads between disability / sound research / performing arts and seeking to design new methodologies for accessing art on behalf of blind and visually impaired persons specifically. Starting from the notion of Acoustic Justice, RTM will explore how acoustics can be a tool for strengthening a cohesive and accessible society. Furthermore, it brings focus to research on the possibility for the performing arts to be experienced via sound as a new form of presence and participation which can assist in enhancing approaches to disability.


3 Performing arts festivals → Short Theatre (Rome), Parallèle (Marseille), Baltic Circle (Helsinki)
1 Centre for dramaturgy production and dissemination → PAV s.n.c (Rome)
1 Sound Art Gallery committed to research works in sound → Errant Sound (Berlin)
1 Webradio dedicated to the sound research à Radio Papesse (Florence)
1 Institution dedicated to the autonomy and social inclusion of the blind and visually impaired à Azienda di Servizi alla Persona disabile visiva S. Alessio – Margherita di Savoia (Rome)
1 Association of and for people with disabilities in the performing arts (Italy) à Al.Di.Qua Artists
+ several national webradio
+ several cultural and social associations


Radio That Matters brings together cultural and social operators, artists, and people with and without visual disabilities in an in-depth and layered pathway, involving different levels: the theoretical and practical recognition on the state of participatory art practices, accessibility of culture, and the possibilities inherent in sound and acoustic languages; the definition of a shared methodology to make artistic work accessible and sustainable both from the point of view of production and its realization and communication; trainings and pedagogies to raise awareness on the topic of accessibility and acoustic justice for artists, professionals, and audiences, providing a framework in which to experiment with community and exchange knowledge.

The journey of RTM will create acoustic-performances that are inherently accessible to persons with visual impairment, giving life to a digital and disseminated festival across time and space, sustainable and entirely accessible, that will travel between European countries and beyond.




  • 24—26.03.2023 | Errant Bodies (Berlin)
    Kick off meeting
    coordinated and curated by Brandon LaBelle (Errant Sound), Piersandra Di Matteo (Short Theatre)


  • 25.03.2023 | Errant Bodies (Berlin)
    Opening conference
    with Brandon LaBelle (Errant Sound), Kate Donovan (Shortwave Collective), Nico Daleman (Cashmere Radio), Mario Asef (Errant Sound), Ece Pazarbasi (Field Kitchen Academy), Jacopo Lantieri & Elisabeth Leopold (Tanzfabrik Berlin/Partner of the network “Making a Difference”), Piersandra Di Matteo (Short Theatre)


  • 27—28.04.2023 | Università Iuav di Venezia – Badoer (Venice)
    Elena Biserna
    Going out – Walking bodies
    curated by Piersandra Di Matteo / Short Theatre
    in collaboration with SSH! Sound Studies Hub | Iuav – centro studi


  • 07—10.09.2023 | Short Theatre 2023 (Rome)
    Riverberi resistenti
    curated by Giulia Crisci / Short Theatre
    in collaboration with Insieme Siamo Arte 2023 Città Metropolitana di Roma Capitale, ATCL


  • 03 + 20.11.2023 | fermento ambienti memorie ascolti (Rome)
    Piersandra Di Matteo, Leandro Pisano
    curated by Irene Dani, Irene Aurora Paci
    in collaboration with zonaincerta, AREA06 / Short Theatre, Radio Perepepè/Sync Ets
    with the support of MiC and of Roma Capitale


  • 26 + 16 + 30.11.2023 | fermento ambienti memorie ascolti (Rome)
    Alessandro Coltré, Andrea Borgnino, Piersandra Di Matteo
    Disco Diffuso 2
    curated by Piersandra Di Matteo
    in collaboration with Associazione 21 luglio Onlus / Polo ex Fienile, ASP S. Alessio – Margherita di Savoia, Roma Capitale – Municipio VIII
    with the support of MiC and of Roma Capitale


  • 02 + 09 + 16 + 21.11.2024
    Lucia Scazzocchio, Kristina Loring, Lucif Dalin, Astrid Hald & Rikke Houd, Raymond Antrobus
    YASS! 2023
    digital masterclass
    a project by Radio Papesse
    in collaboration with AREA06 / Short Theatre
    with the support of Comune di Firenze and Fondazione CR Firenze


  • 17—25.11.2023 | Baltic Circle – International Theatre Festival (Helsinki)
    • 17.11.2023
      Eilien, Alex Andra Rekola
      Music for birds and others: Eilien & Pink-187
      listening session
    • 18.11.2023
      Raoni Muzho Saleh & Abel Kroon
      listening session
    • 19.11.2023
      Sokeain Kuunnelmaraati, Elis Hannikaien, Vappu Jalonen
      Sound drawings
      listening session + talk
    • 20.11.2023
      Raoni Muzho Saleh
      Gathering in a Multi-vocal MOOOOAAAAAAANN Ensures Solidarity
    • 20–24.11.2023
      Raoni Muzho Saleh
      Moaning Choir
    • 24.11.2023
      Raoni Muzho Saleh
      The Never Ending Moaning of a Polyphonic Choir
      open rehearsal


  • 06.12.2023 | Università Iuav di Venezia – Cotonificio (Venice)
    Brandon LaBelle
    Negative Poetics

    with Nicola Di Croce e Piersandra Di Matteo
    lecture and conversation
    promoted by Dipartimento di culture del progetto SSH! Sound Studies Hub | Iuav – centro studi


  • 25.01.2024—10.02.2024 | Festival Parallèle 14 (Marseille and Aix-en-Provence)
    • 20.12.2023
      Elena Biserna meets ASLAA-Marseille association and Parallèle Team
    • 03.02.2024
      Maud Blandel meets ASLAA-Marseille association
    • 04.02.2024
      Maude Blandel
      L’œil nu
      feedback session
    • 03–04.02.2024
      Dorothée Munyaneza
      A Cappella
      museum sound listening
    • 08.02.2024
      Manon Worms e Hakim Bah
    • 10.02.2024
      DOM-, Anne Lise Le Gac e Louise Nicollon des Abbayes
      HOLE(S) and HILL(S) heal (Trou(s) et Col­line(s) gué­rissent) — Ri­tuels, Pra­tiques et Ou­tils par­ta­gés dans des sys­tèmes vi­vants im­bri­qués


  • 11.04.2024 | Università Iuav di Venezia – Badoer (Venice)
    Diana Lola Posani
    Ascoltare l’ascolto
    curated by Piersandra Di Matteo / Short Theatre
    within the frame of the course Curatela delle arti performative | IUAV Teatro e arti performative
    in collaboration with SSH! Sound Studies Hub | Iuav – centro studi


  • 19.04.2024 | Università Iuav di Venezia – Badoer (Venice)
    Diana Anselmo / Al Di Qua Artists
    curated by Piersandra Di Matteo / Short Theatre
    within the frame of the course Curatela delle arti performative | IUAV Teatro e arti performative


  • 02.05.2024 | Università Iuav di Venezia – Badoer (Venice)
    Andrea Borgnino
    Radiofonia tra performance e politica
    curated by Piersandra Di Matteo / Short Theatre
    within the frame of the course Curatela delle arti performative | IUAV Teatro e arti performative
    in collaboration with SSH! Sound Studies Hub | Iuav – centro studi


  • 04–06.06.2024 + 24–26.06.2024 | ASP S. Alessio – Margherita di Savoia (Rome)
    Alessandro Bosetti
    Una memoria di suoni
    by AREA06 in collaboration with Short Theatre



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