Leaflet WeGil

Part of Short Theatre 2019 took place for the first time at WeGil, a historical building in Trastevere. Open again to the public by Regione

14 set

  © Claudia Pajewski

13 set

  ©Alessandra Cardinale

12 set

  ©Claudia Pajewski    ©Alessandra Cardinale  

11 set

  ©Claudia Pajewski  

10 set

  ©Claudia Pajewski

09 set

  ©Claudia Pajewski

08 set

  ©Claudia Pajewski ©Alessandra Cardinale

07 set

  ©Claudia Pajewski

06 set

  ©Claudia Pajewski   ©Alessandra Cardinale