Leaflet WeGil

Part of Short Theatre 2019 took place for the first time at WeGil, a historical building in Trastevere. Open again to the public by Regione Lazio, the 1937 monument preserves some imposing signs of our fascist and colonial past. A new chance that triggers some essential questions: what is the responsibility of a cultural practice to inhabit a place this loaded, and how to face it? Is it through these instruments that are most familiar to us, those of the artistic languages and practices, that we articulate these questions: a spread process of stratification in which to rewrite the dialogue between the past and the present of a place and what it represents. A work of resignification that unfolds through several dimensions. 

This leaflet recounts the system of gestures and the alliances that have helped the festival dealing with this place, so that it has become a platform of antifascism and anticolonialist resignification.