Reciprocity | Short Theatre 2023

Sotto il Sotto del Bosco
Chiara Bersani
workshop aimed at people with motor disabilities
5-7 September | Carrozzerie_n.o.t



Memorie da Sottopelle
Mackda Ghebremariam Tesfau’ & Marie Moïse
A decolonised choreo/graphies workshop
co-realization with LOCALES / If Body
7 September | Teatro India




De Caelo Practice
Eli Mathieu-Bustos
body practices
11 september | Teatro India



Spazi di Attrito
Ligia Lewis
high training practices
10—11—12 september | Teatro India


La Geografia delle Budella
Eva Geatti
dramaturgy workshop
11–12–13–14 September | Teatro India



The Environement We Feel 
Leonardo Zaccone & Giuseppe Silvi / Leap
acoustic practices workshop
11–12–13 September | Teatro India


La Gioiosa Permeabilità
Diana Lola Posani
deep listening workshop
13 September | Real Academia de España en Roma