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  • Double Tape Deck by Manu / Bob Junior

    Listen to “Double Tape Deck by Manu / Bob Junior” on Spreaker.

  • Talk with Elsa Dorlin

    Listen to “Incontro con Elsa Dorlin | Short Theatre 2020” on Spreaker.

  • Front De Cadeaux

    Listen to “Front De Cadeaux” on Spreaker.

  • Kybbe’s Bonus Beat by Enrico Kybbe

    Listen to “Kybbe’s Bonus Beat by Enrico Kybbe” on Spreaker.

  • Svuotapista by Bunny Dakota

    Listen to “Svuotapista di Bunny Dakota | Short Theatre 2020” on Spreaker.

  • Acetato by Lola Kola & Bertuccia Rock

    Listen to “Acetato by Lola Kola & Bertuccia Rock | Short Theatre 2020” on Spreaker.

  • Françoise Vergès interview | Short Theatre 2020

    In this interview cured by Lele Marcojanni, Françoise Vergès shares with us some essential words for a "decolonizing the mind" practice, the only possible way to re-create the world as we wish it. Françoise Vergès, precious presence of these last two editions of Short Theatre, was one of the voices of the 2020 edition with…
  • David Marques interview | Short Theatre 2020

    Interview curated by Lele Marcojanni for Short Theatre 2020: David Marques talks about - and around - his Dança sem Vergonha, presented within Displacement of Festival / More Than This. Ripiglini. A tale in the making continues and accompanies us through a series of interviews of this 15th edition, which will converge in the full…
  • 13 sept

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  • Jacopo Jenna at Short Theatre 2020

    Jacopo Jenna Alcune coreografie (Some Coreographies) 13 September 2020 video by Lele Marcojanni developed within the project Ripiglini. A tale in the making, a visual-story of the fifteenth edition of Short Theatre built day by day, an experimental documentary that mixes languages and grows day by day. Lele Marcojanni (Bologna) is a collective visual storytelling project…