The Environment We Feel

Leonardo Zaccone & Giuseppe Silvi /Leap


11–12–13 September | 10 am – 1 pm
Teatro India | Sala A
acoustic practices workshop

The workshop is open to anyone with an interest in practicing listening, and is especially aimed at people who are blind or visually impaired.

The Environment We Feel is a workshop conducted by Leonardo Zaccone and Giuseppe Silvi based on their Leap experiences, which for years has been carrying out research on the vibrations of membranes and strings, through the study of unconventional modes of animating different mediums, from common objects to innovative self-produced musical instruments. A series of collective exercises will focus on the relationship between vibration and auditory-body perception, setting aside the usual sound/touch relationship.
Starting from listening to everyday acoustic phenomena, the workshop – aimed at a group of blind and non-blind people – will highlight the mechanisms of reverberation of sound in space to collectively develop other listening possibilities. Thanks to the use of sophisticated recording and reproduction systems, the participants will be able to experience sound “spatialization” for greater perceptive awareness of sound as a spatial sensation, all are strategies that increase one’s acoustic awareness.

The Evironment We Feel workshop is conceived as part of the “Accessibility as an aesthetic principle” project. Start of the Third Mission 2022 – Sapienza curated by Flavia Dalila D’Amico & Diana Ciufo and is part of the research that Short Theatre conducts on the interweaving of acoustic experimentation, its political implications and the creation of accessible artistic formats.

Sustained by Fondazione Alta Mane Italia

Short Theatre 2023 workshops are free.

To register send an email to indicating in the subject workshop title, name, surname, phone number and a few words to introduce yourself.

Registration deadline: 25 August

Giuseppe Silvi and Leonardo Zaccone met 2001 at Tor Vergata University in Rome, where they studied Disciplines of Music. They later graduated from the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Electronic Music under Giorgio Nottoli and Michelangelo Lupone.
In 2005 they founded the MetaDiaPason collective, an interdisciplinary research group that investigates the relationship between technology and art with particular attention to sound, and in 2020 they created the Permanent ElectroAcoustic Laboratory (LEAP), an open space for research and sound production, with its roots in the Roman school of electroacoustic music.
They authored numerous performances and installations either together, solo or with the collective. Among the latest was, IANUS CONTRA IANUS for the Creature festival.

The Environment We Feel is part of RECIPROCITY, a section of Short Theatre that experiments with models of reciprocity and intersectionality between belonging, widespread origins and knowledge through bodily practices, narrative grafts and playful universes.

ph. courtesy of the artist