Reciprocity | Short Theatre 2023

Sotto il Sotto del Bosco Chiara Bersani workshop aimed at people with motor disabilities 5-7 September | Carrozzerie_n.o.t     Memorie da Sottopelle Mackda Ghebremariam

Sotto il sotto del bosco

Chiara Bersani 5–6–7 September | 10 am – 1 pm 7 September | workshop outcome Carrozzerie_n.o.t body practices workshop The workshop is part of RECIPROCITY.

The Environment We Feel

Leonardo Zaccone & Giuseppe Silvi /Leap   11–12–13 September | 10 am – 1 pm Teatro India | Sala A acoustic practices workshop The workshop

Plotting / Cospirare

Ligia Lewis 14 September Reciprocity practices with Civicozero Ligia Lewis meets the Civicozero young people at their venue in San Lorenzo to practice together. Civicozero

Spazi di attrito (Spaces of Friction)

Ligia Lewis 10–11–12 september  | 2.30–5.30 pm Teatro India Advanced training practices for dancers and performers Choreographer and visual artist Ligia Lewis invites dancers and

De Caelo practice

Eli Mathieu-Bustos   11 September | 2.30 – 5.30 pm  Teatro India body practice workshop for dancers and performers in training  Eli Mathieu-Bustos proposes to

La gioiosa permeabilità

Diana Lola Posani 13 September  | 3 – 6 pm Real Academia de España en Roma deep listening workshop The workshop is free and open