7 September | 7 + 10.45 pm
La Pelanda – Studio 2

Daria Greco

Crangon Crangon

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Starting from the concept of reversal and from the practice of going against habit, Crangon Crangon explores a change of perspective. What happens if I go towards what I don’t see? What happens to the body? What is generated in thought? Conceived by Daria Greco and performed by Valentina Sansone, Crangon Crangon follows a backward trajectory, questioning the linear and finalistic idea of progress.
The body, which alludes to an animal figure, is invited to experience the unusual condition of inhabiting all those spaces it finds behind itself, with a movement contrary to advancing. The production of backward motion subverts the ideology of progress and, in doing so, re-establishes the notion of space in an unprecedented anatomical expenditure. Crangon Crangon is built in the naivety of a body grappling with an improvised world, which after having been astonished by it, then tries to make sense of it.


Daria Greco, dancer, choreographer and author, bases her choreographic research on the relationship between body mechanics and imagination, using anti-habitual practices to track down glimpses of reality. She is an associate artist of Salvo Lombardo’s group Chiasma, and she also works with Carsten Saeger, Alice Gosti / Malacarne, Fabritia D ‘Intino, Clementine Vanlerberghe, Riccardo Guratti and DOM. Her encounters with Marta Ciappina and Arkadi Zaides have proved crucial to her artistic choices. Among her authorial projects are Noyau (2017), TAGADÀ (2021, in collaboration with Fabritia D’Intino) and Crangon Crangon. Since 2020 she is co-founder of Ostudio, an artistic cohabitation project in Rome’s Torpignattara district, and SiR_sharing, which has been a space for networking and sharing research practices aimed at performers in the Capital. Since 2017 she has actively collaborated with Scup_Sport and Cultura Popolare, a self-managed Roman entity.

concept Daria Greco
performance Valentina Sansone
sound Filippo Lilli
light Paride Donatelli
costume Vittorio Gargiuolo
executive production Chiasma
supported by ATCL, MIC – Ministero della Cultura and Fuori Programma Festival/Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo; Ostudio_Roma; Scup_SportCulturaPopolare; La fabbrica dell’attore-Teatro Vascello; Citofonare PimOff; Odiolestate 2021_residenza produttiva Carrozzerie | n.o.t; PERIFERIE ARTISTICHE-Centro di Residenza Multidisciplinare della Regione Lazio//Twain

ph. Vittorio Antonacci