7—10 September | h 7—12 pm
La Pelanda – Atelier

Orsola Valenti


Between 2008 and 2009, Cindy Van Acker created six pieces for six different interpreters. 6/6, a film by Orsola Valenti, rewrites for the big screen these solos originally created for the stage, bringing them outside, in new places that redefine the relationship between body and environment, weather conditions and nature, vibrating human and non human bodies. In this short films series – from 6 to 26 minutes long – organic and non organic materials mix, producing a particular sensorial and cognitive experience to be multiplied by six.
6/6 by Orsola Valenti reveals the differences in terms of chorography between the solo and Shadowpieces by Cindy Van Acker; the different relationship with music and the individual freedom of expression of each performer are proof of the constant transformation dance undergoes in its relationship with the world.

Thanks to the support of the Istituto Svizzero and in convergence with the Teatro di RomaTeatro Nazionale, the collection of Shadowpieces arrives in Rome in a concatenation of glances, which began in June in Buffalo and ends now at the Short Theater 2022, in the spaces of Pelanda, 9 and 10 September.