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Fase Vegetativa: Tempora Ignota

12 September | h 11 pm
La Pelanda – Outside Area
habitat di connessione / festa danzante


born as a counter-movement

at the same time as the experience of Bad Peace

and as such it has already enjoyed other permeable forms of music festivals Shawala intends to drive the means through which it is possible to find distance from the real in vibratory acts of collective self-affirmation within itineraries whose trajectories tremblingly awake that energetic and non-local phenomenon that is life

If it is true that in any system the state of the single parts depends instantaneously upon the state of the other parts present than here we are together to create an original grid:

come shawala with us

to celebrate the renewed collaboration with the most beloved festival of the Capital Shawala offers itself as a possible outpost to sound out the unfathomable abysses of the new tempora ignota*


this distance, this dismissal

of the real invites us to the shared cellular sopra-incision

for a disaffiliation from the violent automatisms of desire

in the tremulous attempt to reawaken an instinct

for simple collective pleasure

through networks of new proximities

in anticipation of ulterior agreements

in the form of alea


a fluctuation, an intrusion, something that shouldn’t be but is

In occasion of Shawala – Tempora Ignota takes on Tremulous Life, two itineraries of transformation open to all, accompanying us up to the evening of Alea.

Line up:

Krishna Sutedja in concerto

Steve Pepe + Lucia Guarino \ Danza Moderna

Cazzurillo live (Alternative Indie )

Techno Thriller live (Electro Punk)

Emmanuel Bonetti, Leonardo Cabiddu, Francesca Cuttica
in collaborazione con Cazzurillo, Steve Pepe feat Lucia Guarino, Techno Thriller
e Krishna Sutedja