8 September | 8:30 pm
9 September | 7 pm
La Pelanda – Studio 2
1h 45′
in Spanish with Italian and English surtitles

Bárbara Bañuelos

Hacer noche

Bárbara Bañuelos met Carles Albert Gasulla during their artistic research process for a previous work. Carles has a degree in German philology and speaks five languages, yet he works as a night watchman in a parking lot. A dark and desolate place where he finds himself alone talking to himself and his books. Carles is an intellectual forced into hiding because of his mental condition.
For a year and a half Barbara and Carles shared readings and reflections. Hacer Noche was born from this experience, a journey, an emotional connection and an exercise in listening that starts from the novel Journey to the End of the Night by Louis-Ferdinand Céline. The show both revives the basis of their meeting, but now it speaks for a silent and silenced multitude as well. Power, precariousness, loneliness, the judgment of fragility and psychic suffering are the subjects of this conversation that calls for a logic of subtle listening, outside of the clamour of proclamations. A disposition to stay.
Hacer Noche takes these steps and develops an autobiographical datum, expanding it into a collective question that opens up a space that is attentive to psychic suffering and mental well-being.


Bárbara Bañuelos trained in dramatic art and contemporary dance in Burgos, Madrid, London and New York. Her artistic path mixes theatrical work with musical projects. In her work, she relates themes such as memory, imagination, time, the combination of reality and fiction, to shift perspectives in order to initiate reflection. All of this in a state of constant transition from the personal to the social. In 2009 she won the Injuve prize with her first theatrical work 90 dB, and then continued along her path that lead to present her works in contexts such as Abadía Theatre, ElMusac, Artium, Caixa Forum, Pradillo Theatre, Open Scene Festival. Among her most recent works are Mi padre no era un famoso escritor ruso (2018) and Hacer Noche, (2021), which she presented in festivals and theatre spaces such as the TNT festival (Terrasa), Escena Abierta (Burgos), Meet you (Valladoilid ), Festival, KFDA (Brusselles) and CondeDuque (Madrid).


company Bárbara Bañuelos_Bárbara Fournier
direction Bárbara Bañuelos
writing Carles Albert Gasulla and Bárbara Bañuelos
narrative link, dialogue, reflections and the scenic body Carles Albert Gasulla and Bárbara Bañuelos
scenic space Antoine Hertenberger and Marwan Zouein
light David Picazo
technical assistance Javier Espada
production and communication Mamífero
co-production TNT (Terrassa) and CondeDuque (Madrid)
supported as a Resident Project of the TNT Festival (Terrassa) and in collaboration with El Graner (Barcelona) and Teatro Calderón (Valladolid)
creation and technical residencies Espacio Azala (Vitoria), Teatro Principal, Festival
TNT (Terrassa) and El Graner (Barcelona)