September 8 | 11:00 pm
La Pelanda – Studio 2
live set / performance

following Lady Maru dj set

€7 (+ €2 presale fee)

Brutal Casual Magazine (Jacopo Benassi e Lady Maru)

Constructed chaos, studied vocal arbitrariness, phenomenal phonic chemistry: Brutal Casual Magazine by DJ producer Lady Maru and photographer/visual artist Jacopo Benassi is an unpredictable live set influenced by EBM (Electronic Body Music), industrial, synth-punk and noise. The camera that self-documents the real time action itself marks the time, being conceived of as a real musical instrument.

This diversity of styles and unpredictable sounds are collected in the album Brutal Causality, from which rises the duo’s ability to generate and adhere to different soundscapes that solicit different listening responses.

With a randomness that inspires the entire process, the fanzine produced from the performances will act as the written trace of those relationships experienced in the moment. Its publication will not only showcase the various photographed performances but also document daily experiences, such as the wandering paths among the folds of the city, as well as contributions by artists and friends, always revolving around the concept of “brutal casual”.

Brutal Casual is the person who gets caught going out in pajamas and slippers to move their car.


12:00 am | Lady Maru | sonorisation

Lady Maru started producing music in 1994 with an electric guitar, some toy percussions and a Tascam 4-track recorder. She also started playing in post-punk and no-wave bands. A resident in several night clubs in Rome and Berlin, her dj sets range from acid-techno to ebm, all boosted by a punk energy. She composes music for dance and theatre projects and runs her own label Acid Boiler Coalition. As a demonstration of her eclecticism, after the Brutal Casual Magazine performance, she will propose an unusual selection including Exotica and similar genres as well as electro, going back to the 50ies. 



music and performance Jacopo Benassi e Lady Maru
photography Jacopo Benassi
Brutal Casual Magazine, Azienda Speciale Palaexpo-Mattatoio | Progetto Prender-si cura
© Jacopo Benassi