September 8 | 9:00 pm
La Pelanda - Spazio Aperto

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Carrozzerie n.o.t

GEOGRAFIA PRIVATA_opera collettiva

Geografia privata – Opera Collettiva (A private geography – Collective work) is a participative documentary dealing with the themes of space and identity. It is a choral narration, a collective reflection on the city and the present time.

The project started last fall when the Government issued the containment measures against the spread of Covid-19 that suspended all live cultural activities with an audience. On that occasion, Carrozzerie n.o.t offered to all its associates – who had signed up to annual courses for non-professionals – the chance to create a collective video-documentary. The intention was to illustrate the second phase of the pandemic, Rome, the ideas that were simmering under the surface in a community at the same time alive and locked in, and that fatally burst in thousands pieces across the city.

In this way we stubbornly kept in touch with a small community that accepted our invitation to resist. 

It was a way to encourage everybody to find an opportunity in the limitations imposed. To see themselves as still able to think, imagine, create, consider the world as a poetic evidence.

A group of youth, characterised by different ages and origins, met every week on digital platforms. Documentary maker Mauro Maugeri and playwright Orazio Condorelli worked with them using professional, user-friendly applications and smartphones as video cameras. The result was dozens of videos, interviews, aesthetic and thematic frameworks that allowed the participants to wander from one side of the city to the other, to attune to their emotions, to immerse in each other’s emotional abysses.

Before the screening, the young co-authors will present the video-documentary together with Mauro Maugeri and Orazio Condorelli.


curated by Mauro Maugeri
with the collaboration of Orazio Condorelli
with the participation of the students of the suspended courses held by Carrozzerie n.o.t: Francesca Boschetti, Irene Maira, Roberta Gaeta, Giovanni de Merulis, Fabio Colaneri, Giulia Pilieci, Giuliana Silvestri, Alessandra Perugini, Donatella Franciosi, Emiliano Argentero, Gemma Cossidente, Laura Ajello, Nour Ayari, Orazio Schifone, Paolo Lupidi, Sara Ghidoni, Sofia Naglieri, Stella Franco, Tina Cannavacciuolo and also of Maura Teofili, Francesco Montagna
original music Riccardo Leotta