Saturday 12 | 11:00 pm
La Pelanda – Spazio Aperto
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5€ + 1€ presale fee

Dj Marcelle

Surprise, adventure, entertainment and education: four key words often used for describing Dutch dj and producer Marcelle/Another Nice Mess. She plays with expectations and roles: environmental sounds are combined with avant garde noises, animal sounds are used and mixed with left field techno, free jazz, weird hip hop, cutting edge electronica, new African dance music, dubstep, dancehall and lots of less classifiable records.

She is an original, skilled mixer, with a very distinctive style of her own, avoiding most dj-cliches and stale rules. As much inspired by avant garde art movements as fluxus and dada, the real life absurdism of Monty Python as by the wild experiments of dub, post-punk and the latest developments in electronic dance music. With her extensive record collection of some 20,000 vinyl and counting, Marcelle has a strong historical knowledge of past and contemporary ‘underground’ music. Marcelle plays all over Europe, both in clubs and in museums/galleries, and is a resident dj in a lot of cities.

In occasion of this delicate edition of Short Theatre, that Dj Marcelle will prepare an exclusive performance, more abstract and less inclined for the dancefloor; dedicated to superimpositions of all sorts of sonic material, records from all corners of the planet and as always mixing oldschool with contemporary production.